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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
_grenzo zef/fez question: I have a docker file template in a resources directory for my module. When I install it and try to run a provided executable it cannot find that template. Is there some magic that needs to be done to the META6.json file? link to META6.json: github.com/ssotka/Marrow/blob/master/META6.json 00:01
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Nevermind...I found it 00:11
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patrickb I believe we should be bundling a TLS library with our binary releases. Reasoning: To install a TLS lib one needs a compiler. That's a step up the difficulty ladder. For source releases that doesn't matter. Users 'd need a compiler anyways. For Linux it isn't an issue either 06:39
I don't know much about MacOS though.
So for the Windows precompiled releases, I believe there should be a TLS in there. Maybe not even the Raku OpenSSL lib, but at least the C library itself. 06:41
I do not think bundling with our source not to say have it in git should happen. 06:42
Alternatively we could provide such compiled C libs for Download via zef (gtk::simple does that). 06:53
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