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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
tonyo a managed TLS bundle would be helpful 01:04
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antononcube .seen tbrowder 01:48
tellable6 antononcube, I saw tbrowder 2024-02-03T16:12:13Z in #raku: <tbrowder__> m: class F { has $.a =1}; class B is F { has $.a = 2}; my $a = F.new; my $b = B.new; say $a.a; say $b.a;
tbrowder__ hi 02:01
i be here
antononcube @tbrowder So I finally understood what do you mean by saying "calendar in/with Raku." 02:02
@tbrowser You mean a printable calendar with different events marked in it, etc. 02:03
When I was talking about calendars, I had in mind those produced by Emacs or the UNIX function cal.
Since, I was trying to convince certain LLMs to produces those kind of calendars, I finally decided to make a package for them. ("Text::Calendar".) 02:04
At some point the calendar functions of "Text::Calendar" would use the localizations in "Date::Names". 02:08
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tbrowder__ antononcube: gotcha. my current calendar does the emacs or cal thing to stdout and uses Date::Names to get output in 13 langs currently. 11:58
calendaring with items in day cells is quite a different thing. 11:59
m: my %h; class F {}; my $a = F.new; my $d = Date.new(now); %h{$d} = [$a] 12:07
camelia ( no output )
ab5tract vushu: you around? 12:13
tellable6 2024-01-30T17:38:44Z #raku <Xliff> ab5tract That's because I am a corner case! In this insance, the problem existed between the chair and the keyboard. Someone really needs to fix that! :D
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antononcube @tbrowder Good to know! 12:57
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.vushu ab5tract yes from time to time 🙂 13:15
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Geth Raku-Steering-Council/main: 5e901c071f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | minutes/20240127.md
Add RSC meeting minutes for 2024-01-27
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[Coke] points at the barely useful "App::Cal" for the calendar discussion 14:29
antononcube @Coke Thanks! 14:32
To clarify: (1) I was not aware of the calendars producing modules, I searched raku.land, browsed READMEs; (2) I am interested in LLM applications for making calendars, which means I have to facilitate making those in notebooks; (3) for data science applications I need sparse calendars, that contain only some of the dates; (4) I like the "transposed" calendar layout of UNIX' ncal. 14:37
Voldenet > qx<cal> 14:50
I'm a big fan of simple solutions :> 14:51
[Coke] Voldenet: I basically wanted that but needed it to work on Windows
Voldenet tbh. it's a solution that's hard to extend 14:52
so I guess using pure raku is better idea 14:53
antononcube @Voldenet Yeah, cal works nicely in Jupyter chatbooks for macOS (and Linux.) I was not sure about Windows.
[Coke] qx<cal> or App::Cal?
Voldenet cal perhaps
antononcube How about ncal ? Does anyone here use it? 14:54
[Coke] Happy to work on App::Cal more if folks find it's missing anything. Probably better windows support for highlighted text, and support for '-3' were on my list.
librasteve App::Cal rocks! 14:55
antononcube Well "App::Cal" is not listed in raku.land when I search with "calendar". I should have made a Google search too, but, well, I didn't... 14:56
Meaning, "App::Cal" needs tags in its META6.json. 14:57
Also, it is cool that "App::Cal" has the "ncal" option. 14:59
Voldenet I do wonder if
m: say Date.new(2023,1,1).week-number
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Voldenet I see, thanks iso 14:59
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lizmat And another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2024/02/05/2024-...portunity/ 15:38
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aruniecrisps Hi everyone, I created a new github issue over at Cro, for some reason it's unable to read the .pem files it generates: github.com/croservices/cro-http/issues/194 15:51
librasteve ^^ I have replicated this error on my mac also 15:53
[Coke] antononcube: github.com/coke/raku-cal/issues/10 16:20
antononcube @Coke Cool -- I was thinking to fail an issue later today. 16:23
@Coke Now, I am forced to find and file other issued with "App::Cal".
[Coke] very good. 16:24
I remember trying to support '-3' with raku default MAIN handling was challenging 16:27
antononcube I think documentation -- I will make an example README.
@Coke Yeah, I can see that. I had to make a special "three-months" function. 16:28
[Coke] loves free PRs!
antononcube 🙂 yeah, sure. I will make a PR (or 5.) 16:29
[Coke] :) 16:30
antononcube @Coke Do you use ChatGPT? 16:34
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Or other LLMs? 16:34
[Coke] rarely. $dayjob is very much into them. 16:42
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[Coke] raku.land/zef:guifa/Intl::CLDR has a wrong github URL 16:51
[Coke] opens github.com/alabamenhu/Intl-CLDR/issues/5 16:54
antononcube @Coke It is satisfactory for me to show LLMs make calendars wrong. And how -- to a point -- those LLM-wrongs can be fixed. 16:55
[Coke] my take is that this is a simple algorithm, and going through an LLM to do it seems the long way around. 16:58
especially if it's going to hallucinate about it 16:59
antononcube Well, it is not that simple -- working with dates can be / is both complicated and boring. 17:04
And, one of my missions, is to show that LLMs do not work and should be trusted for tasks that required precision.
Calendars are familiar to everyone and mistakes can spotted and explained esily. 17:05
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librasteve arun raised a showstopper issue with Cro today 18:26
Failed to import resources/fake-tls/server-crt.pem as PEM/ASN1/PKCS12
I am having the same issue ... has anyone else encountered / resolved this? 18:27
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avuserow librasteve: as a workaround, you could have Cro serve HTTP and run a reverse proxy in front. That's what I do for most of my deployments (caddy is super easy to get running for this) 19:40
librasteve good workaround - thanks! 19:42
I suppose this is a wake up call to the community that we will need to support cro and fix priority issues (or start to remove features like TLS)
[or perhaps we are not capable of taking on the extra load?] 19:43
avuserow it looks like that module may have some tight integration with the OpenSSL module which was updated 15 days ago so maybe that's a thread to pull on 19:46
aruniecrisps @avuserow i was hoping that i wouldn't have to run caddy as well to just get TLS working but c'est la vie 19:51
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avuserow yes, it should work if it's there, that's true 20:00
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antononcube @Coke I cannot install "App::Cal" on the macOS. 20:26
@tbrowser I cannot install "Calendar" on macOS -- Aborting due to test failure: PDF::Content:ver<0.7.6>:auth<zef:dwarring>
[Coke] antononcube - odd I develop on OS X 20:42
let me try a fresh install
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tbrowder__ ref Calendar, its current version is very old, and a WIP.. 20:43
[Coke] antononcube - worked fine here on 14.1.2 - can you do a gist of the error message? 20:44
antononcube @Coke Ok, will do that.
tbrowder__ i will release a new version soon that (1) works on all 3 os's and (2) has the linux 'cal' basic output but in 13 languages 20:45
patrickb aruniecrisps, avuserow: There is Cro::FCGI as well. If one doesn't need websockets, then it might me a better fit than HTTP for communication with the reverse proxy
And yes, we need to fix the Cro certificate issue
antononcube @Coke It looks like zef cannot find "Terminal::ANSIColor". Let me install it separately. 20:46
avuserow regarding the cert, the dates are valid. I wonder if it's an openssl v3 thing. I would love to get more debug info from the openssl function call here. 20:47
[Coke] just did a force install of Terminal::ANSIColor (it was already installed when I tried App::Cal) and it worked. 20:53
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antononcube @Coke Yes, after installing "Terminal::ANSIColor", "App::Cal" installed without a problem. 21:10
tbrowder__ well, bummer. Calendar has too many deps that don't work on Windows. releasing anyway, but still a WIP 21:24
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avuserow okay I can't investigate any more for now but I can confirm that the cert issue happens on openssl 1.1.1w (as shipped by Debian Linux 11 bullseye) 21:28
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