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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine I just learned about Apple's Pkl... and it seems Pkl have the same intent as Configuration, but Configuration is raku specific... 01:28
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SmokeMachine Now Configuration has a `set-config` to facilitate automated tests… 08:03
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El_Che SmokeMachine: it does the round in hipster land :) 12:19
I find it as ugly as json for configuration. The only interesting bit is the templating, imho
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El_Che the neat thing is that is has schema validation 12:31
but that yells xml :)
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SmokeMachine El_Che: what’s all that ugly? Pkl or Configuration? 14:15
El_Che pkl
it looks like weird json 14:16
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El_Che it all depends what you want to do with it. It's just for configuration, then xkcd.com/927/ 14:19
if it's for templating and validation, then it's something else
at work we have some people that thoght that toml was the solution, so now we have yaml, json, properties, xml and toml :) 14:26
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El_Che and I am pretty sure we'll very soon have pkl :) 14:34
we have a use case where the templating is useful to replace the more freestyle toml 14:35
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antononcube @SmokeMachine I have not "abandoned" the study of "Configuration" -- it is just hard for me to come to any conclusions. 14:48
@SmokeMachine In relation to what @El_Che says -- I am looking for reasons to use Raku-based configurations instead of, say, JSON. I assume that Raku-based configurations might benefit the configurations I do for Large Language Models (LLMs) and Finite State Machines (FSMs). 14:50
El_Che we have a full configuration management conference here in .be, just after Fosdem :)
antononcube So, you can all go config yourselves?! (After FOSDEM.) 14:51
El_Che of course is the context somewhat different (config *management*), but you see the hypes and holy wars there as well :) 14:52
antononcube: just be carefull not to reinvent the wheel.
antononcube I think that XKCD post/cartoon -- 927 -- is one of the most quoted ones. 14:53
El_Che with good reason 14:54
antononcube @El_Che I a couple questions that might seem to random.
1. Do you use Jupyter notebooks (with kernels for Raku, Python, or other.)
2. What graphics library do you use in Raku, if at all? 14:55
El_Che 1. No 2. None
not the kind of stuff I mostly right (networking, security, API microservices, etc) 14:56
I have use Raku, but only in non-critical services (speed, uptime)
used 14:57
antononcube @El_Che Damn!! I was starting to consider making a Raku package for XKCD-style-conversions of graphics.
El_Che (a service can be important, but not critical e.g. not time dependant) 14:58
antononcube @El_Che Good -- you should LLMs with Raku then. (Back to my cross-sell and up-sell of LLMs and Jupyter...)
El_Che one can always invent a reason to learn something
I have 2 colleagues imperimenting with it that keep me posted 14:59
so it's possible something useful can be extracted for a poc project
antononcube I plan to start a series of posts today titled "LLM fails". 15:00
The first one is titled "Making wrong calendars with LLMs".
El_Che I got a mail I just got accessed to MS paying chatgpt thingy
probably the chat in edge when authenticated
need to look if there is some api access 15:01
antononcube Hmmm... interesting!
API of what? MicroSofts Edge?
El_Che chatgpt
4 15:02
antononcube There are several Raku packages for LLMs access.
But you might have something else in mind...
El_Che MS is a b*tch regarding access, including paying. They have several competing products 15:03
need to check what access I have
antononcube Hmm... Same with Google, BTW. The just changed/renamed their LLM service. It only vaguly clear to me which of the three-four LLM service Google provides should I use and when. 15:04
El_Che sounds familiar
there is de github one, the one with office free, office paying, office paying more , etc etc 15:05
antononcube Right. At least they did not just "killed it." gcemetery.co
El_Che yeah, google has bitten me before 15:06
antononcube This is how XKCDConvert looks / functions in Mathematica: resources.wolframcloud.com/Functio...CDConvert/ 15:17
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aruniecrisps i have an interesting question for you guys: have you ever used clojure, f#, elixir, haskell etc? 20:01
lizmat many of the pugs people were fluent in Haskell... but not many are around here anymore 20:19
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antononcube @arun Here is what I think about each of those: 🤮, 🤮, 🤮, 🤮. 20:44
And yes, I tried them...
Actually, I have not tried Elixir -- I read "Erlang", for some reason. But vomiting over "elixir" is hard to resist... 20:46
librasteve arun: there was a time early in the raku (back then was perl6) project that all contributors were encouraged to try Haskell first and my impression is that a lot of the Haskell DNA made it into raku (in a diluted way) and the migration guide shows how docs.raku.org/language/haskell-to-p6 21:05
(as lizmat points out the first implementation of raku grammar (called 'pugs') was written in Haskell 21:06
there are a couple of good posts on this topic (i) raku-advent.blog/2019/12/19/day-19...ith-raku/, (ii) dev.to/rawleyfowler/functional-pro...h-raku-9ib 21:07
if you go to https;?/raku.land and type 'value' into the search box, you will see a selection of ValueType modules (ValueList, ValueMap and so on) which provide immutable variants of the built in raku data structures (and can be used for custom classes iiuc) 21:11
I think that there are two schools of thought with languages in general - (i) I want the language to cajole me to code in a certain way (memory safe, type safe, no side-effects...) where the daily task is to fight the compiler and (ii) I want the language to be a bag of tools that I can use the way I want to get the job done. Raku lets you do functional (or imperative, or concurrent, or OO) if you wish. If (i) is what you want from 21:18
your language then raku is likely not strict enough for you. Otherwise, it has 90% of what you need and all the other goodies.
also this chapter of the Think Raku book greenteapress.com/thinkperl6/html/...tml#sec272 (perl == perl6 in this book) 21:27
and, finally, I offer this (written about perl5 in 2005) ... to illustrate that perl5 has long had functional roots perl.plover.com/yak/fp/ upon which raku has built 21:28
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