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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: I just rebuilt a small example of Cro + Red as example for Cro-HTTP-Session-Red (github.com/FCO/Cro-HTTP-Session-Red). I hope it can help... 01:12
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patrickb I'm thinking about recreating IO::Socket::SSL in terms of IO::Socket::Async::SSL. The reason being stability. 21:26
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patrickb I'd do this in a separate project. I'm unsure how I'd name such a thing. 21:26
corwin Could the Async (different part) go either at the end or beginning? 21:27
patrickb Also, in general, should such a thing stay a separate project (and then need its own name) or could we just replace IO::Socket::SSL? 21:28
corwin: Well the endresult wouldn't be async. That it uses IO::Socket::Async::SSL under the hood would be an implementation detail.
corwin ok (it would have been quite safe to ignore me ;) 21:29
patrickb I'm AFK for now, but I'll backlog and be interested in opinions. So please just type ahead! (ugexe: I'd be specifically interested in your opinion, as you've been attending to the OpenSSL and IO::Socket::SSL modules in the last few years.) 21:33
tbrowder__ anyone know if i can use distro path /sbin in a Build.rakumod file? or is only /bin to be used? that path will not be used after the Build module finishes it installation run. 21:36
ugexe tbrowder__: you could invoke ./sbin/foo from a ./Build.rakumod file, although you'd want to be sure that the ./sbin directory gets put in your archive file i.e. mymodule.tar.gz 22:41
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tbrowder__ ok, git add /sbin/my-build.raku; thnx 22:57
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ugexe patrickb: i'm not sure what a better name would be... IO::Socket::TLS maybe? i suppose replacing IO::Socket::SSL would also be acceptable imo assuming it actually is able to be a drop in replacement (both in interface and in how it iteracts with existing programs which may do things like spawn sockets inside threads or whatever) 23:06
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