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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
Xliff I've run into a segfault using Raku + NativeCall. Where is the best place to craft that bug report? 00:00
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Xliff I've had this issue before, and I would rather get the right repo so I don't have to write the bug report twice. This will be a tedius one. 00:09
MasterDuke probably rakudo 00:10
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Xliff Thanks, MasterDuke 00:38
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Xliff OK, here's something I havent seen in any of those Raku code snippet sites on the web... 08:16
How can I get the size of an Image in raku. Shortest code wins? 08:17
lizmat something with "run" ? 08:25
Xliff I wasw hoping a library binding. I only want to get width and height for crissakes! 08:27
Searching "image" on RakuLand hasn't yeilded a single, successful entry. 08:28
Is there a raku version of "file" for example? 08:30
An attempt with File::Metadata::Libextractor met with a core-dump for a SIMPLE script 08:35
Let me gist it.
OK, segfault solved. Package failes (does not list width and height) 08:42
In the end I had to go with my own GDK code to get what I wanted! Wow. 08:49
lizmat hehe 08:50
Xliff It's something that I would have hoped would have been bloggable. I wanted to have GDK released right now, but I'm stuck on JSON-GLib. It's not passing its tests. 08:53
And I haven't felt well enough to devote time into it for the last 90 days.
lizmat which is not in the ecosystem ? 08:59
Xliff No, not yet. 09:02
Again, not passing its tests.
Pango might be ready to though.
However I am too filled with cough syrup to think clearly enough to deal with frustrating mi5
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: patrickbkr assigned to codesections Issue Code highlighting / inspection / IDE tooling github.com/Raku/problem-solving/issues/422 12:40
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vendethiel Did the comma source get published? 13:18
lizmat not yet, afaik
El_Che there is this paradox in open source comma that the standalone version work but it's more complex to update, and the plugin does not work on recent intellij but should be easier to update (problem: update is a constant process, intellij relases often) 13:40
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bscan Has there ever been a survey to figure out who uses standalone Comma vs the Comma plugin vs vim, vscode, etc. I'm curious on the relative popularity among Raku users. 15:12
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patrickb bscan: Did you notice the above problem solving issue? I guess you might have an opinion. 16:27
Xliff This is about to be filed as an issue in rakudo/rakudo: gist.github.com/Xliff/912683918767...bd3c2e2610 16:31
Please help!
Report submitted: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5534 16:34
Issue is standalone. All code is included in the description. 16:35
bscan @patrickb. Thanks! I can weigh in on the ticket with more details on the Raku Navigator, as well as potential future directions. The Navigator contains a module documentation parser as well that it uses in hover/autocompletion.
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ugexe bscan: my primary issue with raku navigator in vscode is that if gives a bunch of errors when working on the rakudo source code. when working on the core it'd be nice to still have the syntax highlighting without all the errors. ideally i'd be able to bounce around to definitions as well although I'm not sure if that is possible 16:48
(i'm guess the later is not entirely possible since parts of the rakudo source code are generated at build time) 16:49
bscan @ugexe, sure that's an easy fix. I can add a feature that allows simply disables syntax checking. The Navigator includes an error tolerant typescript-based parser, so go-to definition and autocompletion would still work within the same file. Go-to definition and displaying documentation for modules should still work as well. 16:57
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Xliff MasterDuke: Valgrind run added to #5534 19:24
lizmat Xliff: did you run it with sudo ? 19:26
Xliff No. Not with the script I use. sudo won't grant elevated privs because raku still needs to call the script as cuid 19:30
Not that it makes a difference.
Just redid. Only difference is the number of warnings was reduced. No change in output. 19:31
Do you want me to add that output? 19:32
Added. 19:34
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tbrowder__ what is the modern way to debug a raku core dump? 23:17
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