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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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librasteve japhb: very clean … thanks for sharing! 04:41
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japhb librasteve: Which thing are you talking about? 05:10
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librasteve oh meant Xliff s code - six 08:16
Xliff: ^^ 08:18
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Xliff librasteve: "six"? 10:20
And your welcome.
I'd like to release it to the ecosystem, but there's a ways to go. I should commit all of the dependencies first. Hopefullt by end of day. 10:21
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lucs Second moment occurs before the first one?: 17:00
m: say now.Int; say now.to-posix[0].Int
camelia 1709485264
japhb lucs: leap seconds 17:17
(included or excluded) 17:18
lucs Hmm... I'll need to read up on that. 17:21
"This means that UTC is currently 37 seconds behind TAI" 17:27
Perfect. 17:28
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patrickb github.com/sergot/io-socket-ssl/pull/24 <-- This is the IO::Socket::SSL as a wrapper around IO::Socket::Async::SSL rewrite. 20:52
As this module is used in quite some parts of the ecosystem, I'd like to get some testing (maybe even a Blin?) before this is merged. I'll do some more testing with my own software using it and report back. 20:53
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japhb FYI: MUGS 0.1.4 released. Still so far to go until 0.2, sigh. 21:13
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japhb vrurg_: Why was JSON::Class 0.0.6 never released? 22:37
Also, JSON::Class requires minimum Rakudo 2023.12. Are there Docker containers built for actual releases (as opposed to nightly builds) for anything newer than 2023.08? 22:38
vrurg_ japhb: because it's the current developement version.
japhb Oh, you did a bump commit but didn't actually release, gotcha. 22:39
vrurg_ Yep. Got tired messing up with version, switched to early bump cycle.
japhb Do you use mi6?
vrurg_ No. It doesn't do all what I want it to. Use my own Makefile-based git submodule. 22:40
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japhb Ah, gotcha. Yeah, a while back it finally reached my personal minimum threshold, and I was happy to stop worrying about version bump mistakes. :-) 22:41
vrurg I will never reach my personal minimum until it gets a plugin system, as Perl's diszilla has. 22:42
japhb considers whether to do his own Rakudo Docker containers
vrurg For example, my document generation script alone is 35K in size and allows me to use something like TYPE<Int> to insert direct references to Raku docs. And translates L<C<Mod::Name>> into a link to the module, depending on wether its part of the project or external. 22:44
japhb Dist::Zilla was nice indeed
vrurg Creating own build systems is my curse. This is exactly what I do right now for a new Rust project. :) 22:46
japhb OOF 22:49
I try to limit that to only every few years.
Otherwise the yak shaving would truly never end ....
leont Yeah, I've been tempting to write one of my own. Having done it before is what keeps me from it. 22:57
I'd probably have to start with extracting a bunch of existing mi6 logic into its own modules so it's reusable (e.g. version handling) 22:58
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vrurg In my case I can't avoid it because there is no good ORM for Oracle. Only some basic support. 23:20
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