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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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antononcube @vrurg ⚠️ I am making a video with references to you. 02:47
Well, some of your GitHub issues. 02:48
vrurg Am I to be scared? ;)
antononcube @vrurg Yes! From 🦙🦙. 02:49
(Irish llamas.)
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(As in "O'Llama") 02:50
guifa keeps reminding himself he needs to convert some of his homework projects into workable Raku solutions
vrurg :D
antononcube @vrurg Basically, I implemented most of the "llama.cpp" or "llamafile" Web API. Some of the endpoints support "file upload" by serialziation. 02:52
(As expected.)
vrurg Where is the "like" button when it's so needed? 02:54
Though I'm afraid the current task is going to take all my time for a couple of weeks now. :( 02:55
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antononcube If you can run "llamafile" models locally on your computer, ''llamafile" models do have a web interface (lauched automatically) with an upload file button. 02:58
Sorry -- "upload image" button. 02:59
Well, this is what my movie is about.
Here is a screeshot of the interface -- see the buttons at the bottom. 03:00
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patrickb japhb: You might be interested in git.sr.ht/~patrickb/RakudoContainerfileBuilder 07:45
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antononcube @patrickb I was not aware of "RakudoContainerBuilder" -- most likely I would have used in "LLM::Containerization". github.com/antononcube/Raku-LLM-Co...nerization 12:11
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japhb Thanks patrickb and antononcube! I'll take a look at those. :-) 15:12
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patrickb japhb: I think antoncube's comment was meant to say: "most likely I would have used [the RakudoContainerfileBuilder] in ..." so it wasn't proposing LLM::Containerization as an alternative, but as a potential user. 15:36
japhb Ah, gotcha. 15:37
antononcube @patrickb Correct.
"LLM::Containerization" is just supposed to make it easier to deploy LLM-ready Raku functionalties and corresponding (Cro-) endopoints. 15:38
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2024/03/04/2024-...rammarism/ 18:41
antononcube It looks like @lizmat reads the content of the articles they link in Rakudo Weekly. 🤔 18:44
lizmat :-) 18:45
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antononcube @lizmat Please, as some point, make "WWW::LLaMA" a new module. (In the Rakudo weekly post.) 18:59
Normally, I won't require that, but I created that module last week mostly (≈60%) because of demands by @vrurg, I plan to discuss this in an upcoming blog post and video. 19:01
lizmat oops, missed it being new: fixed
antononcube Here are is a trail of @vrurg's demands for 🦙 support: github.com/antononcube/Raku-LLM-Fu...1971364968 19:02
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patrickb japhb: I just remembered the issue of Termios needing a compiler installed. I seem to remember you proposing splitting off a "Termios-lite" only having the values required for Terminal::Print to work which wouldn't need a compiler. Do I remember right? Is it obvious from the Terminal::Print sources which values it needs? 21:22
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japhb patrickb: Terminal::Print and Terminal::LineEditor both use it (using similar code, which shouldn't surprise anyone). Here's the T::LE version: github.com/japhb/Terminal-LineEdit...#L309-L337 22:43
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