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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder__ hello 00:47
hi 00:48
ho 00:49
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tbrowder__ hekko 00:51
SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: Red is always a priority… how can I help? 00:59
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librasteve japhb: sorry for slow reply - yes i agree that we have each solved a similar need and I will work to merge them as / when i do incremental changes … the timing column in my README refers to the build time when rebuilding from scratch (which my Dockerfile chains automatically do weekly). 02:25
antononcube: happy that you are using PDF::Extract - it’s deliberately minimal and was written since all I wanted was a fast text dump (and I had never heard of popper either) 02:28
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Rog: also github.com/Raku/old-design-docs which I hope is the “maintained archive” 02:35
^^ in which case i guess we need to grab the apocalypse and exegesis and put them here too … or perhaps someone knows better than i what the curation plan is!!!? [i do not like relying on web archive except as a last resort) 02:39
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japhb librasteve: No worries, thanks for getting back to me! 03:11
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ericst Hello 07:22
Starting out, and I stumbled on something that I don't understand: pastebin.com/SCNvZNnX 07:23
In that exemple, how come the chargers has only one element ?
Thanks in advance 07:24
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nahita3882 hi, Hashes store their values in scalar contaners (so they are mutable), therefore the value you reach has an implicit $ sigil in front if you will. Then the assignment to array will treat it as a 1 thing because scalar, hence elems being 1. There are some ways to strip out the container (decontainerize), for example my @a = %h<key>.self or %h<key>[] or %h<key><> or %h<key>{}. Then the array assignment will see 07:37
through and do what you expected
my @a = $x then @a.elems is always 1. my @a = @b then @a.elems is equal to @b.elems 07:38
with decontainerization, the array assignment sees that the Right hand side is a Positional, so it copies elements one by one 07:39
otherwise, if it sees a scalar, it doesn't copy N elements at all -- you can see it doesn't copy by doing, e.g., @chargers[0][1] = -99 and see that %body<Data> is affected too 07:40
maybe this page helps docs.raku.org/language/containers 07:41
ericst Thanks for the explaination 07:42
I will look into it
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tbrowder__ hi 12:40
howdy 12:41
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antononcube @Nahita Good description. 13:09
aruniecrisps @SmokeMachine So I've been managing with manual migrations for the time being but I feel like there's a disconnect between the ORM schema side of things and the migration side of things. I was wondering if you wanted to pair up on that 14:43
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SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: sure, how would you like to do that? 16:10
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tbrowder__ \o 16:52
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tbrowder__ \o 16:58
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tbrowder__ hi 17:00
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_grenzo Shh...they're sleeping 18:30
lizmat drops a pin 18:47
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aruniecrisps @SmokeMachine I've already forked Red, I'll make a separate branch to work on migrations, and I'll use the github issue discussion as a starting point, but if you could give me an quick and rough idea of how you envision migrations now I think that would be a great starting point 18:55
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SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: there is some code written for it behind a “experimental” tag (have you seen that (github.com/FCO/Red/blob/3e318994d1...umod#L90)? 19:46
Maybe we should continue this conversation on #red 19:50
aruniecrisps I don't have irc, i'm trying to get that set up @SmokeMachine 19:52
SmokeMachine I’m adding a new comment on that issue adding what I’m planning for migration… 19:53
Have you ever seen the bin/red? I was planing using that to control migrations… 19:54
(Currently that’s mostly broken…)
aruniecrisps I looked at it once and forgot about it 19:55
tbrowder__ \o 20:03
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aruniecrisps hi @tbrowder__! 21:10
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SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: I just added this comment there: github.com/FCO/Red/issues/15#issue...1984646787 22:29
does anyone have an opinion about this? github.com/FCO/Red/issues/15#issue...1984646787 22:31
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tbrowder__ erg, thnx, but i still can't see my own msgs after i send them 22:50
Voldenet uh, isn't irc client supposed to save the lines you send (since server doesn't send them back to you) 22:52
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Voldenet SmokeMachine: I think there should be `red migrate prepare` that would generate "migration commands" (something like `.add-column(:table<x> :type<nvarchar(20)> :name<col>` or `.add-index…`) that would be not specific to any db 23:21
and executing migrations would generate sql commands on the fly 23:22
it's important because user might then migrate the data when `.drop-column(…) .add-column(…)` commands are generated by using `.add-column(…); .raw("update target from tbl1 src join tbl2 target on target.id = src.id"); .drop-column(…)` 23:24
or user may even choose to not drop the column or fool RED into using views as tables 23:25
Ofc, `red generate-migration-script v1 v2` could still generate sql for production dbs 23:26
the flow I described would probably require keeping the old state of the database before applying changes somehow 23:27
SmokeMachine Voldenet: that also makes sense... would you mind to add it on that thread?
I think having the option to edit the SQL important... but what you said also makes sense... 23:28
you could do something like that on my description using the form `red migrate update -e 'MyModel.^migration: { .new-column = .old-col1 . " " . .old-col2 }'`, but using DB change commands instead of data manipulation ones... 23:30
Voldenet migrations very often require manipulations that are hard to describe with migration languages 23:33
SmokeMachine in that case you can use the `red migrate update --sql 'ALTER TABLE my_model ...'` option 23:36
Voldenet also, there's one additional thing, when you use git with multiple people doing migrations, you may not know which changes should be appied 23:37
so, the db needs to track what migrations were applied
I'll describe my thoughts on github 23:39
SmokeMachine the table storing the migration version will do that
now thinking about multiple people writing code, maybe the number on the migration path should be an UUID instead of a int... and use a different way to decide the order... 23:42
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