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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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antononcube weekly: rakuforprediction.wordpress.com/20...n-address/ 00:06
notable6 antononcube, Noted! (weekly)
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melezhik hi 07:47
can I handle process signal inside raku code?
I need to handle sigterm signal
found this - rosettacode.org/wiki/Handle_a_signal#Raku 07:49
snonux hey, i noticed that Rakudo doesn't support private multi methods yet. not a major blocker for me, but i stumbled on this on a few occasions. does anyone know whether it is planned for the future? 07:59
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antononcube @snonux What a strange feature request!! 09:26
To paraphrase : > If You've Got Nothing to Hide, You've Got Nothing to Fear What do you fear of, so you want to hide your multi methods? 09:28
Do you want to hide all of the variants of a multi-method or just some of them?
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tbrowder__ hi 11:22
antononcube @tbrowder Good morning! 11:25
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tbrowder__ hi 11:32
hail Mary! i can see again 11:33
thnx to James at irccloud
antononcube 👍
lizmat 🎉 11:37
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lizmat tbrowder: even better! 11:39
tbrowder hi
very cool, lost the underscores
turns out one problem was i was banned on gnupg (probably during a finger fumble storm) which prevented me from changing nicks 11:41
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tbrowder ref CSV::Autoclass rename, i'm going with CSV::Class 12:16
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tbrowder someone was looking for Color info. you should look at raku-community-modules which has a Color entry which needs some love 12:19
SmokeMachine snonux: that’s also something that I’m frequently needing… 12:26
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antononcube weekly: rakuforprediction.wordpress.com/20...wwwgemini/ 13:52
notable6 antononcube, Noted! (weekly)
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tbrowder lizmat: the raku-community-modules page could use some pinned-modules mgmt. it's not using the full 6 normally allowed. and the pinned ones should reflect something like popularity or most wanted improvements 15:41
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[Coke] is there a URL I can hit to see what the latest released version is? 16:16
(I want the doc tests to be using the latest released version, so I want an author test to complain if not.) 16:17
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[Coke] docs.github.com/en/rest/releases/r...2022-11-28 16:43
raku -MJSON::Fast -e 'my $a = qx< curl -L -H "Accept: application/vnd.github+json" -H "X-GitHub-Api-Version: 2022-11-28" "api.github.com/repos/rakudo/rakudo...ge=1">; dd (from-json $a)[0]<tag_name>' 16:50
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snonux antononcube: i always aim to keep all class members and methods private by default (encapsulation) 18:27
antononcube: usually, all of them or none of them (multi methods) to be private. i never encountered a case where i want to have a mix of the same method name (private + public) 18:28
[Coke] I think if I had something like that, I'd have the private be a different name to avoid confusion 18:33
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roguerakudev is there some nice syntax sugar for multi dispatch where one candidate wants a named Bool to be True and another will take it as False (or missing)? 21:42
e.g. tell :loudly would hit the first candidate and tell or tell :!loudly would hit the second 21:43
antononcube @_grenzo I have further questions on "Marrow". 21:44
_grenzo ok
antononcube More precisely, on the envisioned changes of the generated code.
_grenzo How so? 21:45
antononcube Hmm... it is hard to explain without a visual... 21:46
There is a role that has the bulding method: submethod BUILD(:$id) { try { $db = self.get-db-handle(); for $db.query( 21:47
Am I correct to think that that role is not supposed to be changed, but the class that does is?
_grenzo Correct 21:48
antononcube With "changed" I mean adding new functionalities, etc.
_grenzo yes
antononcube You either mentioned it yesterday here, or it was written in the documentation. 21:49
_grenzo hopefully both
antononcube 🙂 Mmm.. I think only the former...
_grenzo It would be in the section of the Read.me that has the directory tree 21:50
or maybe not 21:51
Usage: ./bin/mro.raku [--app] [--mods] [--roles] [--templates] [--list] [--db-type=<Str>] [--dbname=<Str>] [--host=<Str>] [--port=<Str>] [--user=<Str>] [--password=<Str>] [--schema=<Str>] [--prefix=<Str>] [--app-host=<Str>] [--app-port=<Str>] [--help] --app Generate the Cro app that implements the REST APIs. [default: False] --mods Generate empty Class modules that can be
modified by users (one to implement each role). [default: False]
antononcube Similarly, I should not add new routes in "public-routes.rakumod" -- but in the higher leverl "*-routes.rakumod", right?
_grenzo in the usage
correct 21:52
antononcube That is "cryptic" then.
_grenzo I can spell it out better
antononcube @_grenzo If you use LLMs you might use the interaction here to enhance that documentation. 21:53
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@_grenzo I still mildly impressed that you published "Marrow" just a few weeks before I "really" needed it! 22:38
_grenzo I aim to please 22:40
antononcube Hahah -- dangerous statement! 22:44
[Coke] go to install a module of mine I haven't used in a while via zef, it dies. open a ticket with the test bug, clone my repo... I already fixed this and never cut a release. 22:50
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lizmat m: subset isTrue of Bool where * == True; subset isFalse of Bool where * == False; multi a(isTrue :$a) { dd True }; multi a(isFalse :$a) { dd False }; a :a; a :!a # roguerakudev 23:30
camelia Bool::True