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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Xliff \o 07:43
Has there been any further work on #5534?
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Xliff I've updated #5534 with more findings. Could someone please re-investigate> 11:11
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lizmat github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5534 # for easy innspection 11:29
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ptc lizmat: thanks for the lightning fast response to my PRs! You rock :-) 13:07
tellable6 2020-07-29T10:08:00Z #raku-dev <JJMerelo> .tell [ptc] it's a reasonable option to remove that, yes. It's not running anyway, and hasn't for some time.
lizmat ptc: you're welcome! 13:08
ptc oh dear. It seems I've not been active here in, erm, a while ...
lizmat glad to see you back :-) 13:11
ptc: almost missed #30 :-) 13:13
ptc nice to be back pushing PRs to Raku projects :-) 13:14
lizmat ++ptc 13:17
[Coke] welcome back! 13:21
Xliff [Coke], Masterduke, could you please take a look at latest in #5534 and comment, please? 13:33
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[Coke] Xliff: Sorry, above my current pay grade. 13:44
antononcube @Coke Please aspire for a higher pay! 13:46
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dutchie m: 'foo' ~~ /bar/ | /foo/; say $/ # is there a way to get the match out of an any-junction like this? 13:55
camelia Nil
lizmat m: $/ = 42; "foo" ~~ /foo/ | /bar/; say $/ 13:59
camelia 42
lizmat dutchie: the problem is that the junction handling code's scope is hiding the $/, so the "local" $/ is not affected 14:00
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lizmat and even if it weren't, the junction handling will do each match in a random order, so you would never know from which eigenstate the $/ would be set 14:01
dutchie i guess i should just match against /foo|bar/ instead, duh 14:12
lizmat yeah, that would probably be better :-) 14:19
although the syntax looks similar, | in a regex actually does longest token matching 14:20
m: say "foo" ~~ / f | fo | foo /
camelia 「foo」
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lizmat if you want the first match, you'd use || instead of | 14:21
m: say "foo" ~~ / f || fo || foo /
camelia 「f」
lizmat dutchie ^^
dutchie the matches are completely disjoint so not sure which of || and | is better, or whether it makes no difference 14:27
lizmat if they are disjoint, it doesn't matter
but it they aren't, it does... and I thought I'd point out the difference :-) 14:28
since it looks like you're experimenting with Raku regexes
dutchie yeah, makes sense. :) 14:35
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librasteve m: my @a = <f fo foo>; say "foobar" ~~ /<@a>/; 16:12
evalable6 「foo」
Raku eval 「foo」
librasteve dutchie: you can also employ an Array of Str as a Regex like this 16:13
m: my @a = <f fo foo>; say "foobar" ~~ /@a/; 16:14
evalable6 「foo」
Raku eval 「foo」
librasteve ^^ or like this (I just discovered)
When an array variable is interpolated into a regex, the regex engine handles it like a | alternative of the regex elements docs.raku.org/syntax/Regex%20Interpolation 16:15
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Hello18 HEy everyone 16:24
Im excited to code in this wonderful language
Does anyone here dislike. Java?
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antononcube @Hello18 Hmm... I am not confessing any like or dislike of mine for any programming language. 16:57
Except Python. Python sucks!
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Voldenet there's plenty of languages I dislike, matlab, python, vb.net 17:07
extremely foreign syntax is usually the reason 17:08
antononcube @Voldenet In the order of your list: 👍, 👍, ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 17:11
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2024/03/18/2024-...pen-comma/ 18:40
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librasteve Python and perl are actually pretty much exactly the same - analogous to the Judean People's Liberation front versus the People's Liberation front of Judea. However the languages are optimised for a slightly different purpose. Python helps you to think more like the computer does, whereas perl helps the computer to think more like you do. from news.ycombinator.com/item?id=39731960#39734909 20:55
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antononcube Sounds like some sort of and an excuse for the Py-curious to (be enticed to) work with Python. 21:12
Deep into Python is the "aPOO" principle: > "There should be one– and preferably only one –obvious way to do it” (TSBEO-APOO-OWTDI) 21:13
(Very different from TIMTOWTDI ...) 21:14
ptc crazy thing I just noticed: there are two File::Zip distributions from two different authors (see raku.land/?q=File%3A%3AZip) 21:28
how is it possible to choose a particular one? 21:29
if I just use `zef install File::Zip` I get the dist I don't want :-/
is it possible to tell zef "don't use that one"? 21:30
is there maybe some extra bit of metainfo that I can append to the dist name to the `zef install` call to get the right thing?
antononcube @ptc Yes, use "ver<0.1.1>" and/or "auth:<zef:someone>". 21:33
@ptc For example: File::Zip:ver<0.1.2>:auth<gitlab:tyil>:api<0> 21:34
gfldex ptc: have a look at `zef search File::Zip`. It will show you the full names of all available distributions of that name. 21:35
ptc gfldex: yup, I tried that. The dist I want is the one without all of the extra metadata, i.e. the one without a version number :-/ Consequently, it's not clear what to give to zef as just `File::Zip` picks File::Zip:ver<0.1.2>:auth<gitlab:tyil>:api<0>, which turns out to be the one I don't want 21:39
I'll give the "auth:<zef:someone>" suggestion a go and see if that works
gfldex ptc: that's a zef bug. The proper name is in "raw.githubusercontent.com/Raku/REA...ETA.json". 21:43
ptc unfortunately, no luck: zef install 'File::Zip:auth<github:azawawi>' │Test Summary Report
===> Searching for: File::Zip:auth<github:azawawi> │-------------------
No candidates found matching identity: File::Zip:auth<github:azawawi> 21:44
using 'File::Zip:auth<zef:azawawi>' also doesn't work :-/
gfldex: the real issue is that I want to use Selenium::WebDriver and that dist uses the File::Zip that I'm after. 21:46
gfldex zef can't find any distribution that got ":ver<*>" in its name.
ptc maybe I just need to look for a different solution 21:47
gfldex: yeah, that's what I thought. Maybe I need to push a patch to fix that.
thanks for your help :-) 21:48
gfldex please file an issue at github.com/ugexe/zef/issues
ptc I'll give that a go tomorrow 21:57
It seems I'm not the first to have spotted this issue: github.com/azawawi/raku-selenium-w.../issues/27
librasteve zef -v install github.com/azawawi/perl6-file-zip.git should do the trick (per the issue) ... are you on macOS? if so I am curious to hear if/how you succeed in the light of my issue github.com/azawawi/raku-selenium-w.../issues/28 22:01
ptc: zef -v install github.com/azawawi/perl6-file-zip.git should do the trick (per the issue) ... are you on macOS? if so I am curious to hear if/how you succeed in the light of my issue github.com/azawawi/raku-selenium-w.../issues/28 22:02
ptc librasteve: no, I'm on Debian. I cloned the git repo and used `zef install .` (which is basically the same as using the URL, I guess). Am now strugging with Selenium::Webdriver. Perhaps I should go to bed... ;-) 22:10
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_grenzo @librasteve & ptc: zef install 'File::Zip:ver<99>'would install the one you want. Basically any number except that of the other distro 22:22
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