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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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SmokeMachine Hi! Does anyone know if whoever is talking on TPRC (I just sent my talk) should pay for the ticket? 09:02
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SmokeMachine What I'm asking is: if my talk is accepted, will I pay for the ticket? 09:13
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lizmat SmokeMachine: I have no idea, you should ask the organizers. Maybe Util knows 09:14
SmokeMachine Util: do you know if the speakers on TPRC pay for their tickets? 09:16
lizmat: thanks
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antononcube @SmokeMachine This page says: > Accepted Speaker notification. April 15, 2024 www.papercall.io/tprclas24 09:24
SmokeMachine antononcube: oh, yes! that says: `All selected speakers (except lightning talks) will receive a free ticket to the event.` 09:27
antononcube: thanks!
antononcube 👍
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librasteve for my @a = [1,2,3] -> $ is rw { $++ }; dd @a; Mu @a = [1, 2, 3] 12:25
^^ this on my local repl (2024.01) ... 12:26
for my @a = [1,2,3] -> $a is rw { $a = $++ }; dd @a; Mu @a = [0, 1, 2] 12:28
^^ or this
from a coding style pov I would avoid the first since $ is also commonly the anon state variable - so quite hard to get the intent of the code 12:30
for my @a = [1,2,3] <-> $a { $a++ }; dd @a; Mu @a = [2, 3, 4] 12:31
even ^^ this (which I think is safe-ish) I would avoid since re-writing loop iteration values in place in a loop is pretty side effecty (although I can imagine that a BIG data structure could benefit from an in-place modification if you are low on memory (if raku in fact avoids making a copy on the fly anyway which I haven't checked) 12:35
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Voldenet > m: for my @a = [1,2,3] -> $_ is rw { $_++ }; dd @a; 14:01
I don't get why people would use mutations in such case
my @a = [1,2,3].map(++*); dd @a; 14:02
evalable6 Mu @a = [2, 3, 4]
Voldenet no mutations, clear and clean
or even
my @a = [1,2,3].map(1+*); dd @a;
evalable6 Mu @a = [2, 3, 4]
Voldenet it's very likely slower, but if I wanted speed, I'd use C 14:03
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librasteve Voldenet: I 99% agree with you ... the only reason I can imagine is that you want to traverse a very large data structure and to update the elements "in place" to avoid eg a memory overflow ... in which case, as you mention, you should be coding in C 15:38
sorry if I did not make it clear that my examples are intended to be "what not to do" 15:39
the first one proves the point since the result is different on the IRC codebot than in my local repo 15:40
nahita3882 (it's different because on the IRC side $_ is used and used twice, and when verbatim reflected here, since text between underscores are italized, it looks like they used $) 16:49
there was a proposal to do post processing on IRC messages if they start with "m:" such that what follows is wrapped around backticks to better see what's going on 16:50
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aruniecrisps @SmokeMachine apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for a week, I didn't have time to look at the github issue becasue I was focused on interviews, but I finally got a job 17:28
SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: no problem at all! And congratulations! 17:31
I hope you like this job!
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aruniecrisps @SmokeMachine Yeah I hope it's gonna be good haha 17:36
nahita3882 !congratulations 17:46
[Coke] looking at irclogs.raku.org/raku/live.html, searching for aruniecrisps because I missed the send about the job (congrats!), and the send from smokemachine "I hope you like this job!" appears, but with no nick next to it. 17:55
looking at the source, I'm thinking it's hiding his name because he said something BEFORE that, but the filter isn't showing it, but isn't then revealing his name. 17:56
There is a <td nick="SmokeMachine">, e.g.
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SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: I haven’t done much last week (I was travelling for work). But I’ve done a bit… 18:39
aruniecrisps: just today I’ve submitted a talk proposal to TPRC to talk about Red migration… so, I NEED to make that work… :) 18:41
antononcube @SmokeMachine I find "Red" to be too much a corporate name. 18:48
SmokeMachine Sorry, what do you mean?
antononcube Didn't you name "Red" after Oracle? 18:51
SmokeMachine No… I don’t even name what the relation would be
Raku Embraces Databases 18:52
(Ok, when Red started, Raku was still called Perl6)
The name came because a friend raked me if I wanted to help him to write an ORM that would be called Blue… but he didn’t have time to work on that and I thought Blue too sad… then I called it Red 18:54
aruniecrisps; 👆 18:56
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antononcube @SmokeMachine See the section "Other uses" here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Red 19:04
Amazon's "Redshift" is named after Oracle. (I.e. hinting at replacing Oracle products.) 19:05
SmokeMachine Not related to it… I like to think it means Raku Embraces Databases 19:06
antononcube Aha, and apparently Oracle too... 19:07
Anyway, I was not aware of the "Raku Embraces Databases" interpretation.
SmokeMachine (I that that’s the first time I say that out loud… :) ) 19:09
antononcube 👍 19:11
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I am getting this compilation error while trying to install a package: > lang-call cannot invoke object of type 'VMNull' belonging to no language Any suggestions for fixes and/or workarounds? 21:32
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lizmat antononcube create a Rakudo issue with a --ll-exception stacktrace 22:11
antononcube @lizmat Ok, thanks1 22:15
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