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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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antononcube Actually, which function / compile command takes --ll-exception stacktrace ? I am getting error trying to install a local pacakge with zef. 04:00
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seeg123456 hello, docs.raku.org/routine/encoding#___top is there any reason why windows-1250 is not in moarvm encodings? :) 09:02
stumbled upon that when trying to decode a csv file
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antononcube @seeg123456 Can you post the problematic CSV file somewhere? (Or a fragment of it.) 10:28
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seeg123456 it's basically CP-1250 encoded 11:18
mega.nz/file/tG1GGbaS#lzh7ztuE0L87...R4ggFWr57Q 11:20
I use Text::CSV; and then csv(in => './kody_stacji.csv.orig');
it works when I first run 'iconv -F cp1250 -o UTF-8 ...'
I guess it would be nice to have csv(in => ..., encoding => 'windows-1250'); but apparently that encoding is unknown 11:21
ugexe There is 1251 and 1252 11:37
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antononcube @ugexe When I am trying to instll a package I am develioping with zef I get the error "lang-call cannot invoke object of type 'VMNull' belonging to no language" . lizmat mentioned to create an issue with "--ll-exception stacktrace". I do not think I use that with zef, right? 11:57
Hmm... it seems RAKUDO_OPT has to be used. 12:07
seeg123456 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows-1250 12:16
these are different ones: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows-1251
1251 is cyryllic
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ugexe antoncube: `RAKUDO_OPT="--ll-exception" zef install . --debug` 12:51
otherwise `raku --ll-exception path/to/some/bin/zef . --debug` 12:52
oh, you already mentioned RAKUDO_OPT :)
seeg123456: maybe you could write a encoder/decoder for for windows-1250. you implement a encoder and decoder and then register them in the encoding registry. then you could do `csv(..., encoding => 'windows-1250')` or use that encoding anywhere else that takes an encoding name 12:58
gist.github.com/ugexe/7cf5d557ef40...0d2a440423 - here is an example of one i wrote that works with 'base64' 13:00
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seeg123456 ok thanks 13:05
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antononcube @ugexe Yes, thanks for the clarifications -- they are useful. 13:46
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librasteve I chose raku the name Dan (as in Dan, Dan::Pandas, Dan::Polars) in homage to Red ... thats as in raku Data ANalytics. So maybe Red is RElational Database ;-) as post-rationalization 19:47
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SmokeMachine librasteve: I like that! And thank you! 22:15
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guifa What characters might we possibly to be able to use as a decent new twigil? 22:19
Looks like hyphen or apostrophe are about all that's left maybe 22:20
guifa is finally trying to figure out logical programming in Raku 22:22
I'm thinking a syntax like 22:25
rule parent(X,Y) { child(Y,X) }; except that not all variables might be in the declaration like 22:26
rule grandparent(X,Y) { child(Y,Z) && child(Z,X) }; 22:27
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SmokeMachine guifa: what the new twigil will represent? 22:50
guifa SmokeMachine: a variable to be used for logical processing
(not sure if you're familiar with languages like prolog, etc) 22:51
but I need to distinguish between standard variables. Maybe just use £foo for Logic hahaha? 22:52
SmokeMachine I’ve, while writing that, thought on doing something like that for ProblemSolver (github.com/FCO/ProblemSolver) 22:55
antononcube The variations I had over "RED" were much meaner. 22:56
SmokeMachine (About ProblemSolver, Please, ignore how bad it is… I was just testing…) 22:57
antononcube: for example? 22:58
antononcube @librasteve Now, "Data ANalitics" = "DAN" is nice, but it is also a little cryptic. 😛
@SmokeMachine Hmm... they all seem easily generated with LLMs. 22:59
Well, except two: "Raccoon Enslaving Nutrias" and "Refilling Edible Diapers" -- too mean for most "official" LLMs to generate them. 23:01
SmokeMachine I’m reading about prolog… 23:05
antononcube 🙂 Good. Read about "datalog" too. 23:07