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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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Geth docker: abfe18ddc7 | AntonOks++ | .github/workflows/test-docker-image.yml
Revert "test-docker-image.yml: Update actions/checkout to v4 and..."

This reverts commit 9d5a05275950420135309f7dd8d6e34ccf8bf8c6.
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Geth docker: AntonOks++ created pull request #61:
test-docker-image.yml: Update actions/checkout to v4 and...
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ab5tract Xliff: feels like there could still be a .id or such that could make that feel a bit more fluid 09:29
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tbrowder ref us a/c boeing used to be backbone of usaf transport a/c, present situation is sad 11:04
and dangerous 11:05
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tbrowder librasteve: thnx for note on windows. the final straw was when my computer (dual boot) couldn't upgrade windows because the chipset was too old, and windows wouldn't stop complaining about it 11:10
someday i'll wipe it and put only fresh debian on it 11:11
right now it is just taking up space in my closet 11:12
librasteve I put ubuntu 22.04 LTS on an old mac mini - now doing a great job
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tbrowder hi, just released update to Text::Utils. cool new sub "sort-list" (from Abbreviations) for those of us who cannot remember all the nuances of sorting lists of different types 12:31
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antononcube I found and used “Text::Utils” because of wrap-text. But at some point I figured out certain settings in VS Code, so now I use “Text::Utils” much less often. 13:09
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tbrowder so i'm having trouble with my module's README on github. the linux and macos badges work but not the windows one. all the actual test runners pass, but only the windows badge shows failure. any suggestions are appreciated. 15:28
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antononcube @tbrowder Stick to macOS. 15:34
tbrowder well i try to be an equal opportunity author, and to gain lots of raku folks we better support windoze as much as we can 15:37
(sorry for the slur) 15:38
Voldenet took me a while to notice that slur
it fits so casually
tbrowder yes, a dictionary-worthy pronunciation aid 15:39
i learned that years ago on some news group i think 15:40
antononcube Yes -- last year during a payed gig with Raku, we could not go further with a certain part of the project because Raku is hard to install and run on Windows. 15:41
tbrowder kinda like going to a local hangout that only allows ny yankees fans 15:42
antononcube > Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded. 15:46
Voldenet windows is hard to install, so everything using it is hard to install by default 15:50
antononcube 🙂 15:51
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tbrowder Voldenet: amen, bruddah! 17:57
anyone tried using latest raku win install? 18:01
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patrickb If I have a file descriptor, which I've received from `posix_openpt()`, can I somehow turn it into an IO::Handle or do something else so I can work with it in Raku land? 19:25
Xliff How can I get the results of the previous expression in the REPL 20:09
patrickb Xliff: I think lizmat implemented or at least designed something like that. Not sure how it works anymore though. 20:15
antononcube @Xliff If you know the evaluation entry index, say 12, you can use *12. 20:21
patrickb I see this `nqp::p6bindattrinvres(HANDLE,IO::Handle,'$!PIO',PIO)` in rakudo/src/core.c/io_operators.rakumod. But that's not exactly clean.
antononcube Alternatively, you can use the REPL provided by "Jupyter::Kernel" and "Jupyter::Chatbook" -- then you can use _ . 20:22
patrickb Is there a reason there is no API for this? Am I missing a reason why this is a bad idea?
antononcube Here is a demo with the "Jupyter::Chatbook": 20:26
@Xliff See the first section in this advent post by lizmat: raku-advent.blog/2022/12/25/day-25...22-review/ 20:27
Xliff antoncube++ 20:28
coleman patrickb: I don't know the details but an FD is a platform-specific concept iiuc. Still, it would be very useful for scripts because a raku script could be used for systemd socket-activated services (for example); or newer linux APIs. 20:31
This is something we'd presumably lean on libuv for handling at a low level, I would assume. 20:32
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