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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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tbrowder lizmat: you ok? i don't see weekly for this week 13:51
lizmat yeah, I'm ok.. just wondered whether anybody would notice my April Fools prank of not writing a weekly 13:52
tbrowder well you "fool"ed me. we were talking yesterday and we in my small world heard no one mention april fool! 13:53
lizmat or it was that I didn't feel like it :-(
tbrowder hope you feel better soon. you need a designated understudy from the younger crowd 13:56
[Coke] :( 14:13
antononcube @lizmat Prank you! Prank you, very much! 14:24
@lizmat Agh, sorry -- didn't read all the comments! Get better! 14:25
librasteve o/ 14:29
I am trying to work out how to dynamically add class names to my exports 14:30
i have this class Length is Measure is export {}
lizmat the secret lies in having an EXPORT sub in the compunit scope
librasteve i would like this my $item = 'Boodle'; class ::($item) is Measure is export {}
.oO 14:31
lizmat that will never work
as the assignment is runtime, and the class statement is compile time
librasteve ===SORRY!=== Name ::($item) is not compile-time known, and can not serve as a package name
lizmat right
librasteve your example shows something different from your original question, I believe ? 14:33
librasteve yeah ... so in the Map that EXPORT returns do I just go $item => ::($item) is Measure or similar?
lizmat the value must be a deconted value that you want to export 14:34
Map.new( ($item => Measure) ) # note the extra parens to create a list of Pairs instead of named arguments 14:35
if $item is the name you want to export to
librasteve okaay - let me tinker with that ...
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not getting anywhere - this is probably one for SO 14:56
lizmat note that the EXPORT sub *must* be at the compunit scope, *not* any classes scope 14:58
japhb Probably worth pointing out that applies to compunit-scoped class declarations (some people use those almost exclusively and may not be thinking about it applying here) 15:10
librasteve stackoverflow.com/questions/782686...es-in-raku 15:12
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tbrowder librasteve: where did you learn ter 17:11
*term “boodle” 17:12
i haven’t heard it used in a long time 17:13
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Util SmokeMachine: Yes, having your talk (or scientific paper) accepted for tprc.us/ will make your conference admission zero-charge. 20:53
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[Coke] anyone from #raku planning to attend? 21:52
I will actually be driving through Vegas on the way home at that time - not in town long enough for the conference, but would be happy to swing by and say "hey" 21:54
antononcube @Coke I was strongly considering attending, but decided not to. (Too far for me...) 22:00
Util Coke: please do swing by! 22:05
Sarah and I are attending; I don't yet have a handle on other #raku folks. 22:06
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