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tbrowder .seen rcmlz 13:43
tellable6 tbrowder, I haven't seen rcmlz around, did you mean remol?
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tbrowder lizmat: i'm looking at yr Git::Blame::File as possible backup use for a single data file in a hidden directory. from the docs it looks like i can get a date-sorted list of the commits and then access the desired version of the file. if so that's exactly what i'm looking for! 14:09
lizmat it's been a while, but yes :-) 14:11
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tbrowder thnx. feelin better? spring fever? 15:37
tonyo guifa antoncube: i have the zef eco backend converted to raku and am getting ready to start testing, are either of you interested in "alpha" testing it? you two seem to have the most issues with the current backend 15:39
lizmat tbrowder: a bit, and possibly :-)
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antononcube @tonyo Sure. (But I think @guifa has more and bigger problems than me...) 18:15
tonyo as part of the cut over the dists that aren't in the index but did get uploaded will suddenly appear in the index 18:16
antononcube Aha, sounds good. 18:17
@tonyo I figured out what was wrong with "Data::Importers" -- it is fine now. I still have not figured out what is wrong with "DSL::Bulgarian". (I "weakly" suspect that is a Cyrillic letter in the some of the file names.) 18:19
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Geth docker: AntonOks++ created pull request #64:
Bump to 2024.03 and change alpine to alpine:latest
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tbrowder librasteve: finally took a moment to use latest PDF::Extract. it seem to work great on my Linux box. I will play with it some more. problem i had initially was not reading the docs properly. i looked at the lib and tried to use poppler directly 20:56
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tbrowder ok, looks like the main diff from David Warring's PDF tools is your's is somehow putting a newline after most string segments and his doesn't. I can look at the original document and see extraction patterns in his easier so, for my current use case, I can use Raku split and index easier. 21:10
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