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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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holyghost I updated EyeofTheBeholder to v0.1.2, it's a bug fix release with better syntax 06:22
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lizmat still nothing there but classes and attributes and methods without anything that does something 08:55
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tbrowder hi, anyone have a preferred alias for "slice" for a subset of an MxN matrix? 10:56
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librasteve how about .slice2d(r1,r2) or .view(r1,r2) 11:41
tbrowder ok, i'll use both--the more the merrier! 12:14
while i'm getting opinions, the .shape method gives the number of matrix rows and columns, so how would you expect the return to look? i expect the return to be a list: $rows, $colums. Any other suggestions? 12:31
dakkar docs.raku.org/routine/shape ? 13:05
(this may be a completely useless suggestion)
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librasteve_ m: say ("9209932022320" ~~ m/2022320/).so 13:18
camelia False
Geth examples: d7f9b10eb6 | (Will Coleda)++ | 3 files
Update zef option (avoid deprecation)
examples: 90536190cd | (Steve Dondley)++ | README.md
improve link to POD example template
examples: 6360b9b648 | (Will Coleda)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | README.md
Merge pull request #91 from sdondley/readme_link_fix

improve link to POD example template
lizmat m: say "9209932022320" ~~ m/2022320/ 13:29
camelia False
Geth examples: 9a2a57c641 | (Will Coleda)++ | README.md
Let's actually use PRs, please.
[Coke] is there an updated alternative to the old "perl" key in META6.json? 13:33
Geth examples: 5c6684dbc0 | (Will Coleda)++ | META6.json
update outdated META6.json info
lizmat [Coke]: don't think so, at least not officially 13:37
Geth examples: 60c4c09a93 | (Will Coleda)++ | 15 files
Use latest file extensions in lib/

Avoids many deprecation messages during 'make html', e.g.
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[Coke] (just doing some cleanup in raku/examples before hopefully fixing examples#99 13:44
tbrowder dakkar: thanks, i forgot (or didn't know) about that, i'll take a look. problem is when the CSV has a header i don't think that would work correctly 13:45
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tbrowder dakkar: looking more closely, my module deals with fixed arrays, even though you can add elements, so the @a.shape method wouldn't be useful 13:48
dakkar oh, I meant, you can make your `.shape` work similarly to `Array.shape` 13:49
Geth ¦ examples: coke self-assigned `make html` fails github.com/Raku/examples/issues/99 13:56
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tbrowder dakkar: gotcha 14:32
so, shape by default will return a list: rows, cols # data cells 14:49
add option to return “MxN” 14:51
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gfldex notable6: weekly www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFKLHOygtqQ&t=945s 19:48
notable6 gfldex, Noted! (weekly)
gfldex I commented on that one with a crazy^Winteresting version. :-> 19:49
antononcube Hmm... I plan to extract the propaganda messages from that "10 ways to solve Scrabble Score on Exercism" video. 19:51
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> VERT MESSAGE > Two programmers are discussing different ways to solve a programming challenge involving calculating the score of a word as in the game Scrabble. > > HIDDEN MESSAGE > Technology and programming are fun and interesting pursuits that are accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels. 20:03
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antononcube "fnord" 🤔 22:32
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cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/633...dfda8& 22:52
japhb en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fnord and en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discordianism 23:07
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japhb (It says something that people on Discord do not recognize Discordianism. I feel old.) 23:14
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antononcube Yeah, strange, given that the average age or Raku users is 56. 23:17
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