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lucs This bug really scares me, my trust in regex matches is shaken: 03:26
pL.i. an pLain 5
(sorry for the Wordle junk) 03:27
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holyghost Hi, I started on the widget kit in EyeofTheBeholder, it's available in v0.1.3. It will be non-specific image system wise. 04:20
(Such as png, SDL etc.)
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holyghost The kit is unpatened, as I can write better ones with the design patterns 05:32
*book 05:49
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tbrowder holyghost: can't easily find yr module through raku.land. 10:42
tellable6 tbrowder, I'll pass your message to holyghost
librasteve lucs: it scares me too … i would like to see some urgency on the fix and some explanation of how it got shimmed between Raku And NQP (which works ok) and why the fix is a complete and trustworthy resolution 11:09
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tbrowder librasteve: pm? 12:34
ab5tract librasteve: would you mind you share the NQP version? I don't see it on the ticket thread and it seems like it could be useful 12:55
*mind sharing
dr.shuppet ab5tract: I used simply nqp -e 'say("_20__32022320" ~~ /2022320/)' to test, that works 12:57
ab5tract ahh, okay thanks 12:58
librasteve tbrowder: I can see you are not on Discord (?) ... you can email me at librasteve@furnival.net 13:26
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tbrowder thnx 13:56
lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2024/04/15/2024-...y-concise/ 14:26
tbrowder ++lizmat: looking fine 14:56
librasteve: i noted yr use of raku oauth and went back to visit the module. noted yr contribution there. i made a poor pr which was accepted after brian cleaned it up. i would like to submit another pr mainly to improve the visibility and clarity of the various workflows and good exampled. i wonder if you would be interested in helping? 15:01
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ab5tract librasteve, lucs: a cause has been determined -- github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/55...2057154673 15:37
I will continue poking at the issue but I wanted to update you on some progress 15:38
librasteve tbrowder: I'm happy to try --- suggest you fork OAuth2 module and make your porposed changes there in a way that is obvious to me (ie in a new branch or PR other there) - then I can come in a do a review ... just leave in comments for the bits where you need advice / not sure 15:46
antononcube cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/633...08a5c& 16:03
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tbrowder thnx! 16:34
will do 16:35
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greenfork Here a person says that "the `use vX.XX` pragma is underappreciated [...] In Perl and #Rakulang I'm never version locked by the interpreter." bitbang.social/@profoundlynerdy/11...3704703707 17:56
How true is that about Raku? I heard some opinions that Rakudo breaks things from release to release, so the language is at 6.d for quite some time but it doesn't really help? 17:57
gfldex greenfork: We don't force to request a language version and that may have been a mistake. 18:00
greenfork gfldex: Does it make any difference to specify use v6.d; if the Rakudo compiler still changes and there's around 3 years since the 6.d version? 18:07
librasteve greenfork: I am not aware of any incompatible changes since 6.d was released - what do you have in mind? [there is use v6.PREVIEW for the new stuff, but that is obviously separate] 18:09
greenfork @librasteve for example Red was broken for the last two releases, v2024.02 -- github.com/FCO/Red/issues/573, v2024.03 -- github.com/FCO/Red/issues/574 18:12
At leasts the tests didn't run successfully, don't know if it actually broke something
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SmokeMachine I yes, it did have conflict… Red even have this to avoid them (github.com/FCO/Red/blob/d3744b1009...umod#L47). I thought Blib was there to find those cases… 18:26
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SmokeMachine (it did break...) 18:30
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[Coke] have Rakudo™ v2024.03 - when I run raku to get the REPL, it is now just spewing backtraces. pretty sure this was working even earlier today 18:31
librasteve oh - ok thanks! (I guess will be a while before raku == perl stability)
[Coke] blin, not Blib. 18:32
recurrence of github.com/krunen/term-termios/issues/22 18:34
SmokeMachine blin? sorry... 18:36
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dr.shuppet So I did some experiments with the Rakudo regex bug, and I have no idea how it is possible that the Rakudo compiler is behaving like that. Apparently .EVAL of the same string triggers the bug when the string is single-quoted, but doesn't when it is double-quoted 18:45
The strings are the same per eq, the ASTs dumped with --target=ast also look the same, beside the different quotes 18:46
[Coke] do you have a gist that shows this?
dr.shuppet [Coke]: I posted it on the GitHub issue: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/55...2057510994
I hope it's not just some weirdness on my machine 😅 18:48
[Coke] fwiw, tests 1-3 emit the same output here. 18:54
dr.shuppet I re-copy-pasted the code directly from the GitHub comment, and I got different results (the same as I posted) from test1 and test2 both on my T2 Linux VM and on my Fedora 40 system (with the same 2024.03 Rakudo/NQP/MoarVM) 18:57
gfldex greenfork: The plan is to support 6.d for the next 100 years. We might drop 6.c, because there where just to many mistakes in that language version. There have been cases where stuff that should have been in 6.e slipped into 6.d. That was most unfurtunate. 19:09
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dr.shuppet [Coke]: I tried also with Discord eval bot at #raku and also got the same results 19:51
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ab5tract I've got the same results here. 21:56
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