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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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ceux i am playing around with Cro, and I have a route that i want to... greedy match, that is anything under /static/ (for the js, images, etc) 13:30
right now I just have get -> 'static', $path 13:31
but my route isn't matching (getting a 404).
nvm, rtfm, just need it to slurp it all up with *@path 13:34
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ceux facepalm, there's already a static builtin for this 13:57
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[Coke] I have added a short script "wip" to my bin/ that does 'git commit -a -mwip' ... I am going to abuse this for sure. 17:41
jdv i used to have a push hook (or something to that effect) that would fail pushing commits that had /wip/i in them cause i used to wip a lot 17:48
[Coke] that's fair. I'm basically using it for doing wiki updates via git where the online message just would have been "updating <page name>" 17:50
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antononcube @Coke I changed / uploaded a few packages of mine with resources access you gave in a PR for "Chemistry::Stoichiometry". Thanks again! 18:25
@librasteve "Chemistry::Stoichiometry" should install without making much noise now. 18:26
[Coke] You're very welcome.
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