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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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wayland76 Just repeating my question (with slight improvements) in case it got lost in the middle of the other conversation: Is anyone able to explain why the (RakuAST-using) code in gist.github.com/wayland/cdf69e8b52...397ad72df3 adds the parameters in the array to signature3 in an array, but when I try to flatten them in signature2, they all just disappear? 00:30
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melezhik. Wayland76: sparky is automation platform , not tied to any specific tasks, there are some sparky plugins to work with kubernetes might be of interest for you - sparrowhub.io/search?q=k8s 07:38
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ab5tract wayland76: I think you want to upshot the parameter A ast onto @astparams and pass it directly to ‘parameters’ without wrapping in another array 07:57
I’m not sure how | affects AST abject in an array. Another option is to include the parameters in @astparams one by one via index , but that’s much more brittle 07:58
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ab5tract s/upshot/unshift/ 08:36
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librasteve wayland76: as I mentioned on Discord #raku channel on 23/05 pysmt is one approach that Python offers … if i were doing that (and i am not), i would write a raku wrapper for SMT (maybe kickstart with Inline::Python) and then spend my mental cycles on trying align it with raku Junctions (if that makes any sense at all) … anyway just a thought 08:55
ymmv 08:56
ab5tract wayland76: please consider filing an issue for the above AST behavior. I believe your code should work as expected 09:06
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wayland76 ab5tract: OK, will do. Thanks! 11:33
librasteve: Interesting ideas, but I'm trying to do things more generalised than that at the moment. I've made a note of what you said though, and maybe someday someone will build that on the foundation that I'm laying down (if I ever get it finished :p ) 11:42
ab5tract: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5589 Done! 11:53
melezhik.: Thanks!
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melezhik. Sure 11:59
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Geth planet.raku.org: c325c1701a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | perlanetrc
Add Alexey Melezhik's feed on dev.to
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