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Set by lizmat on 6 September 2022.
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librasteve_ colomon: please can you take a look at my Math::Vector PR github.com/colomon/Math-Vector/pull/14 08:38
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antononcube @librasteve I suspect "Math::Vector" should become a community module. 12:58
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librasteve yeah - either that or I can fork and bump version with my auth - just wanted to give the author a chance to respond beforehand 14:20
here is crag (and Physics::Measure) with Math::Vector... 14:22
crag '$v=^(1,2,3); $u="m/s"; $v^=Measure.new(:$v,:$u); $m=4kg; $p^=$m*$v^; say "p^=$p^"'
p⃗=^(4, 8, 12)kg m/s
oh - Discord drops my unicode \c[Combining Right Arrow Above]/ 14:23
m: say "p\c[Combining Right Arrow Above]/"
evalable6 Cannot test 7190eae29b8e7a1be56789a221ba14ded934c52a (Broken archive)
linkable6 (2024-06-27) github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/7190eae29b Merge pull request #5600 from rakudo/release-2024.06
Raku eval p⃗/
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SmokeMachine m: use v6.e.PREVIEW; ($=1,$=2,$=3).snitch({ .map: <-> $i { $i++ } }).say # should snitch be able to modify the value? 15:08
camelia (2 3 4)
lizmat SmokeMachine: it would be hard to prevent 15:14
I'd say this a case of DIHWIDT
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_grenzo Not familiar with DIHWIDT. (Do It How We Imagine Doing That?) 15:16
lizmat Doctor I Hurts When I Do This 15:17
(so don't do that then)
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SmokeMachine makes sense... but I think that would be good to avoid if possible, no? 15:22
lizmat well, you as a developer are in control of the body called in .snitch... so it's really up to you 15:25
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antononcube I like snitch -- fits well the pipeline style I prefer. (Using ==> , "forward feed".) 15:28
Unfortunately, I cannot use it Jupyter notebooks. 15:38
Not without dedicated changes of "Jupyter::Kernel" or "Jupyter::Chatbook" for using Raku preview versions. 15:40
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lizmat perhaps I should issue the sub version of snitch as a module ? 15:55
and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: rakudoweekly.blog/2024/07/01/2024-...learnings/ 16:11
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_grenzo @lizmat: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA9...jpugDLBStL 16:30
This is the full playlist for the conference and they have managed to get 23 videos out there. 16:31
But most of them are perl not Raku
lizmat and only one has Raku content, or am I wrong?
antononcube @lizmat On that playlist, or the confernce in general? 16:32
_grenzo I think you may be right. Though Damien and Ovid mention Raku in their videos. 16:33
antononcube I think conference-wise there should be at least 4 Raku talks.
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lizmat Yeah, but they only mention Raku as a thing to copy from :-( 16:38
afk& 16:41
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vendethiel and Ingy, but also as a thing to copy from. 17:05
Only Red that I've seen was explicitly Raku
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librasteve lizmat: don't know if your saw my previous comment discord.com/channels/5384078799804...5923128372 - imo raku should exit the TPRC conferences and run our own 100% 17:22
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(how) can I raise this as an agenda item for the next RSC? 17:24
antononcube Do the Perl people think that Raku is "eating their lunch" ? 17:30
I definitely plan to make Raku's "Graph" better than Perl's "Graph". 17:31
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lizmat librasteve: that link doesn't work for me 17:58
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lizmat librasteve on Raku only conference: I agree, now we only need people to organize it :-) 18:18
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librasteve in response to Damian's keynote: librasteve: with this as a keynote, we need to exit the TPRC and do everything(!) raku only 19:20
[that's Damian Conway, my hero btw] 19:21
how many attendees were at TPRC?
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Xliff How can I pun a role on a class AFTER its definition? 19:28
antononcube Only the Raku ones or all?
librasteve also
Xliff Only Raku 19:29
librasteve: also is inside a class def. I need it AFTER the class def.
does will not work as an operator on a Type object. 'but' might work, but I'd need to use another container. 19:30
librasteve I am happy to help with a raku-only conference - my question is 'all' (but raku ones is also interesting)
tonyo what are you trying to do?
antononcube @Xliff I was commenting on @librasteve 's question about how many attendees were at TRPC 2024.
librasteve Xliff: maybe you can just reopen the class later?
antononcube @Xliff I think / thought but is used for that. 19:31
Xliff class definitions don't work like that I don't think.
but is used as an assignment
m: role R { }; class A { }; constant C = A but R; A.say; C.say 19:32
camelia (A)
antononcube @Xliff docs.raku.org/language/operators#infix_but
lizmat librasteve gotcha: and yes, I was unpleasantly surprised by Damian's presentation 19:38
couldn't bring myself to watch the whole 1.5 hours, stopped after 30 mins or so
is there something I should watch?
in that presentation, I mean? 19:39
antononcube @lizmat Should I make a LLM summary of it?
lizmat antononcube perhaps?
tonyo what did he say?
lizmat it's more about what he did: adding more modules to port Raku features into Perl 19:40
metacpan.org/pod/Switch::Back 19:42
metacpan.org/pod/Multi::Dispatch 19:43
Xliff lizmat: How can you pun a role on a class after its definition? 19:44
lizmat does?
Xliff does will not work on a Type Constant. 19:45
antononcube @lizmat I will do it the LLM summary within 20 min. This presentation, right? youtu.be/0x9LD8oOmv0 19:46
Xliff Can't use but without a container to put it in, but I really shouldn't need that since this should be attached to the class at definition time but couldn't due to a circularity.
lizmat antononcube yup
m: class A { }; role R { method foo() { "foo" } }; say (A but R).foo 19:47
camelia foo
antononcube Hm... with Gemini or ChatGPT 🤔
lizmat antononcube I have no preference
Xliff: you can only augment an existing class, and you probably shouldn't 19:48
you can mixin a role into a class to create a new class?
antononcube Well, one is free for me, the other one not so much. 🙂 It is way to attach imprtance of to that talk...
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lizmat antononcube then the free one :-) 19:49
antononcube 👍 🙂
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"The Once and Future Perl - Damian Conway - TPRC 2024" > This presentation reflects on 25 years of the speaker's journey with the Perl programming language. It highlights key module creations, explores the impact of AI on programming, and delves into the potential of multiple dispatch, particularly for features like smart matching. The speaker advocates for embracing new technologies while learning from past 20:01
experiences to shape a brighter future for Perl.
Hmm... I will upload the LLM breakdown to GitHub soon (within 20 min.) 20:03
lizmat yeah, that's about the fist I got :-(
and not a word of Raku in it, only the "future of Perl"
antononcube "Raku" is mentioned 10 times in the transcript. 20:04
That LLM theme extraction was with Gemini -- I will rerun the script with ChatGPT. 20:05
lizmat well, I guess that's once every 9 minutes
antononcube Agh, It is/was more clustered than that. 20:07
_grenzo I listen to most of them at 1.25x to 1.5x speed. 20:14
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antononcube @lizmat Here is ChatGPT breakdown: github.com/antononcube/RakuForPred...ChatGPT.md 20:17
_grenzo Bruce Gray (Grey?)'s Raku Operators talk was interesting. I didn't realize that Raku created Meta operators automatically if a new op is created.
antononcube Here are the Gemini breakdown and summaries: github.com/antononcube/RakuForPred...-Gemini.md 20:18
lizmat antononcube thanks! 20:22
antononcube Please look at the "sophisticated feedback" wearing 7 different hats at the end of those...
They might be more informative or of interest to people who know Perl.
_grenzo The similarities are interesting. The differences were noticeable. 20:34
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antononcube Between Gemini and ChatGPT, or you mean something else? 20:36
librasteve 23:00]librasteve: he says something like "perl tried to backport the raku given/when (which I wrote), has now ejected that by deprecating switch from 5.42 in 2025 and here is my new module Switch::Back that I have corrected all the errors I wrote in given/when 15 years ago" wtf 20:49
(you probably just have to watch it - and Ovid) 20:51
[23:03]librasteve: he is leading "perl ringdown" [23:04]librasteve: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binary_black...e#Ringdown 20:52
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antononcube From the LLM-extracted summaries, it seems I should watch that talk -- (allegedly) D. Conway introdces in it LLM / AI tools in/with Perl. 21:18
patrickb [Coke]: github.com/japhb/Terminal-LineEditor/pull/6 <-- This should solve your install problems with Terminal::LineEditor. 21:36
[Coke]: github.com/ab5tract/Terminal-Print/pull/85 <-- And this should solve your problem with running the Terminal::Widgets examples. 21:37
ingy librasteve: 85 iirc 21:47
imho tprc could have been raku heavy. it's whomever submits talks / shows up. 21:51
we had to extend the deadline to even get enough talks this year. 21:52
I can't speak to what damian does. His choice. But I can say 100% there is no bent against raku at tprc. 21:54
Bruce (and Sarah) are on the tprc planning committee. Am I wrong, Bruce? 21:56
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coleman rebooting the docs site. we'll be down for a few minutes. 23:52
we should be back 23:59