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TimToady I made some fixes for Unicode chars in my master branch, but discover I can't commit them. either I need a commit bit, or I need to figure out how to turn my changes into a new branch so I can submit a pull request 03:10
you do want "\c[PILE OF POO]" to work, dontcha? 03:14
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TimToady I put in a pull request for it. 04:00
that took most of two days...
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dalek arVM: a017572 | larry++ | / (3 files):
arVM: 6653722 | jimmy++ | / (3 files):
Merge pull request #78 from TimToady/pileofpoo

Replaces a fragile relative-counter based implementation extents with an extra column of absolute table locations. Now puts out correct "type 0" extents for plane 1. Plane changes are forced to use a "type 1" gap extent even if the gap is only 1 big, so that the next plane gets a fresh start. Saves all of 4 entries in the names table.
TimToady :) 05:09
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FROGGS_ TimToady++ 06:36
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jnthn TimToady++ # fixing That Char Lookup Bug 17:31
TimToady: Given you a commit bit also :) 17:35
FROGGS ohh noes /o\ 17:41
well, I got one, so it is probably fine *g*
[Coke] this club is horrible! 17:45
jnthn [Coke]: Clubs often are...overpriced drinks and too loud to talk :P 17:47
timotimo yeah, overpriced drinks are too loud to talk
FROGGS *g* 17:49
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[Coke] that's not... ok, ok. :P 17:50
FROGGS .oO( "I am not going to buy this drink, it is too loud." 17:52
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