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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
MasterDuke timotimo: i really liked into the spiderverse 01:58
AlexDaniel just watched it yesterday 02:54
the amount of times I paused it to see things frame by frame… :) 02:55
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samcv AlexDaniel, yeah i saw that 06:53
the unicode 12
AlexDaniel MasterDuke: ↑
samcv: wasn't my message :)
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AlexDaniel interesting, new codepoints for people holding hands 06:59
samcv oh sorry :)
AlexDaniel single codepoints, not zwj sequences… that's weird 07:00
hm, colorful circles and squares 07:02
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samcv MasterDuke, getting this from heaptrack ERROR:received duplicate exe event - child process tracking is not yet supported 07:04
AlexDaniel u: 0x1F415 0x1F9BA
unicodable6 AlexDaniel, U+1F415 DOG [So] (🐕)
AlexDaniel, U+1F9BA <reserved-1F9BA> [Cn] (🦺)
AlexDaniel ah that's a safety vest
so dog+safety vest = service dog, and a separate codepoint for a guide dog 07:05
samcv woah 07:07
dog+tshirt = dog wearing t shirt
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samcv MasterDuke, nvm i got it by running it manually 07:14
AlexDaniel, 46019 calls with 11.24GB peak consumption from: uv__read 07:16
AlexDaniel interesting, it looks like initially it was proposed to add a separate “person in manual wheelchair” emoji and the submitter argued against ZWJ sequences for that, but they ended up adding wheelchair characters and zwj sequences
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Geth MoarVM: bb2dc66191 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | 3 files
Fix warnings about const from prev commit
timotimo samcv, i fixed the warnings related to const 13:11
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travis-ci MoarVM build passed. Timo Paulssen 'Fix warnings about const from prev commit' 13:28
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samcv anyway timotimo any thoughts on this 19:21
this seems to be using al the memory and not seeming to release it? well. i used heaptrack
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Geth MoarVM/jit-expr-float: 16 commits pushed by (Bart Wiegmans)++
brrt wow, building on windows is *slow* 22:21
i thought it was due to the VM 22:22
but it's really that slow
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