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Set by AlexDaniel on 12 June 2018.
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jnthn Ohhh. Oh. I think I just discovered a new way to use the dispatcher to do something that I thought would need special handling...without actually needing any special handling. 11:16
lizmat_ wow! :-)
jnthn For a while I've wondered if we need a mechanism along the lines of "process these arguments in some way and then do the dispatch" 11:17
It turns out that this is possible already: you 1. create a resumable dispatcher, 2. write the processing logic in a function that resumes with the processed arguments, 3. in the resumption, have the processed arguments and continue 11:18
lizmat_ that sounds... too easy ? 11:20
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jnthn I'm not quite sure if I need it right now, but it's a nice pattern to have to hand if I do. 11:22
lunch, bbiab 11:26
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jnthn Hm, I think the trick I mentioned earlier actually *will* come in quite useful in the case that we have arguments that are in a Proxy 13:53
And need to unwrap them for dispatch purposes
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