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Set by lizmat on 24 May 2021.
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MasterDuke huh. why would something take longer with just MVM_SPESH_OSR_DISABLE=1 than with MVM_SPESH_DISABLE=1 ? 00:53
timo1: i did try adding `&& arg_type != MVM_CALLSITE_ARG_INT` to the conditional, but that just caused a segfault, and i didn't investigate that further 00:56
i sort of hope there's a solution that gets us to specializing for uint, not int 00:57
something about the facts gathered perhaps? 01:01
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MasterDuke ugh. i looked at pretty much everywhere a `*_i` op is used and added something for `*_u` if it wasn't there already, but still no change 01:19
in src/spesh/* 01:20
timo1 "no change" from "causes a segfault"? 01:43
MasterDuke "no change" eq "no segfault, but not any faster" 02:38
gist.github.com/7c8c1862d593a8ea09...51c6d2f435 should be my current diff 02:40
updated with some jit addition 02:53
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timo1 does MVM_op_get_mark update correctly when update_ops runs? 10:00
in jit_emit_primitive, do we have to use a different mov for p6òget_u32 to get the right sign extend behaviour? 10:03
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timo1 if you post a bit of spesh log maybe with a function that used to bail arg spesh because of uint and now succeeds, and maybe if that same frame ever gets mentioned as inlined? i can take a look later 13:55
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