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stevied can someone explain why I'm getting an error with this: 06:26
for $config.IO.slurp.lines <-> $l {
$l .= trim;
error is: `Parameter '$l' expects a writable container (variable) as an argument, 06:27
but got '# karabiner config file' (Str) as a value without a container.`
why doesn't $l have a container?
can I give it one?
lakmatiol I assume `my $l` would work 06:38
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MasterDuke doing `$l is rw` works 08:40
you need both `<->` and `is rw` 08:42
gfldex `-> $l is copy` makes more sense 08:44
MasterDuke yep, probably so 08:45
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lizmat .lines doesn't produce containers 09:08
Nemokosch which pretty much makes sense, lines of a file are constant values 09:23
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shift-eleven is there any sort of overhead to the `is-prime` method for `Int` 13:17
dakkar "over" with respect to what? I mean, it has to determine if the number is prime, and that's going to be slow for large numbers… 13:18
MasterDuke there is a different code path for numbers less than 2**31 - 1 that doesn't use the big integer library 13:19
shift-eleven runtime overhead is what I meant 13:21
MasterDuke not entirely sure what you mean, but i don't think so. it pretty much just directly calls  the moarvm implementation (that's where it splits in deciding to call into the big integer library or not) 13:25
shift-eleven gotcha 13:26
stevied thanks MasterDuke, that worked. Also an interesting answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/706923...5#70694125 14:27
oh, that's lizmat 14:28
Nemokosch 😂 14:52
stevied anyone got any tips on how to speed up syntax highlighting using neovim? 16:33
thowe speaking of, the neovim raku syntax plugin link on the Raku web site needs to be updated. 16:39
destroycomputers stevied, try to set regex engine to 1 (set re=1), that helped quite a bit when I used neovim with raku 16:45
stevied this looks cool: developpaper.com/real-time-syntax-...er-in-vim/ 16:52
no idea how to set it up, though
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gfldex .oO( .lines is so lazy, it doesn't even produce containers ) 18:41
stevied ok, been working on this for a couple hours. can't figure out what the problem is 21:02
I have this in a file in lib/Karabiner/Template.rakumod: 21:03
unit class Template;
has Str $.key;
and I have this in lib/Karabiner/Templates/DoubleTab.rakumod: 21:04
use Karabiner::Template;
unit class DoubleTap is Template;
has Str $!app1;
method print() {
say $!app1;
say $!key;
I'm getting error in second file: `lib/Karabiner/Templates/DoubleTap.rakumod|11 error| Attribute $!key not declared in class DoubleTap`
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[Coke] Yes, it's not declared 21:07
did you mean $.key ?
even the parent doesn't have a $!key.
but even if it did, you can't poke at the guts of the parent. 21:08
MasterDuke the parent does. but classes are very private in raku and yeah, i think the child needs to use the accessor
[Coke] so you'd still have to use $.key
the parent does not have a $!key
it has a $.key
(not declared anyway)
MasterDuke that's sugar though to create an accessor for $!key 21:09
m: class A { has $.key = "hi"; method foo() { say $!key } }; A.new.foo
camelia hi
[Coke] (sugar) fair 21:10
stevied yeah, $.key fixed it 21:13
this is confusing
[Coke] You can't refer to another classes attributes directly, even if you're their kid. 21:14
stevied so I can't have $!key in parent and allow child to use it? 21:15
[Coke] Correct.
but you can use the accessors that you get with 'has $.key' 21:16
This allows the parent to maintain consistency
stevied ok, thanks
one other question: can objects be set up to accept positional parameters instead of named? 21:17
[Coke] ISTR there was an ovid presentation that covered this that might be worth finding (looking)
MasterDuke you'll need to create your own .new for that 21:18
stevied is that the same as the BUILD method? 21:19
MasterDuke m: class A { has $.key = "hi"; multi method new($key) { self.bless(:$key) }; method foo() { say $!key } }; A.new("bye").foo         # something like this perhaps 21:21
camelia bye
stevied I can't seem to have $.key in parent and set $!key in submethod BUILD() 21:29
this is what I've been struggling with
MasterDuke do you really need BUILD over TWEAK? 21:30
stevied I got this: 21:31
has $.app1;
has $.key;
submethod BUILD($app, $key) {
$!app1 = $app;
$!key = $key;
trying to use positional arguments
never heard of TWEAK. will it make my head explode?
MasterDuke you generally should try to use TWEAK before BUILD. it was added after the initial release of rakudo, so a lot of the docs don't mention it as much, but it's supposed to make the simpler kinds of things you used to have to use BUILD for easier to do 21:32
stevied ok, thanks. I see it now in the docs. I'll play around with it 21:33
i gotta say, OO Moose in Perl was a lot easier than this 21:34
MasterDuke you can't do what i did in my example above? 21:35
stevied oh, missed that 21:36
ok, that worked 21:41
oh wow, now I can do positional constructors 21:45
Sub Hello friends. I'm trying to extract certain strings from a file and I'm not sure if grammars are the right fit for me. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction? Even just a term to search for in the documentation should help, I think. Here's my code. 22:25
use v6;
grammar G {
token TOP {
token expression {
\{ \! (\w+) \}
Hello friends. I'm trying to extract certain strings from a file and I'm not sure if grammars are the right fit for me. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction? Even just a term to search for in the documentation should help, I think. Here's my code. 22:27
I'm getting that I can perform captures with regex, but I'm wondering if I need to break the file into smaller chunks and try to make matches line by line, or something. It seems like maybe I need to use an action method to further operate on what I extract with the grammar, but I'm not too sure.
use v6;
grammar G {
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gfldex m:``` 22:56
use v6.*;
sub is-pentagon($c is raw) { (1+sqrt(1+24*$c))%%6 }
sub P($n is raw) { $n*(3*$n-1) div 2 }
my \integers = Channel.new;
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With that I got it down to 1.671976079s and it even terminates! 22:56
This is basically hypering by hand. :) 22:58
[Coke] if you're not specifying a language variant, you can skip the 'use' there. 23:02
Nice work.
gfldex wow. This is super sensitive to the batch size. With 40 Ints per batch I'm at 1.22098525s. 23:04
Note quite. `use v6.e` does include _PREVIEW. 23:05
`v6.*` even
[Coke] Isn't that the same as no use v6 at all? 23:06
gfldex Also, Channel doesn't throttle. So it may produce way more batches than are needed.
With `$*KERNEL.cpu-cores - 1` it gets a wee bit faster. So the Channel is throttled ... accidentally. 23:08
I believe we default to the latest stable. 23:09
m: say $*RAKU; 23:10
We do.