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deadmarshal Why catch blocks are inside the try block in raku? shouldn't the catch block be outside try block like: metacpan.org/pod/Try::Tiny#SYNOPSIS ? 05:57
lizmat you don't need CATCH inside a try, and you don't need a try outside of a CATCH 07:35
in Raku, a CATCH allows you to catch *any* exception *IN* the scope where the CATCH lives
m: CATCH { .resume }; die; say "still alive" 07:36
camelia still alive
lizmat inside the CATCH, the exception object is in $_, so you can easily do smart-matching on it 07:37
deadmarshal great thank you 08:25
lizmat "try" is when you just want to be lazy 08:27
m: say try die
camelia Nil
lizmat try will try to execute the code given, and return Nil if there was an exception
m: say try 42 08:28
camelia 42
deadmarshal nice
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