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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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thowe what does "+%" do? Specifically I am looking at a grammar that was made for parsing ip addresses and this is part of some of the regexes. That's here: 15:12
that symbol isn't in the docs 15:13
that said, I also can't find "hexdigit" 15:15
I mean, I'm guessing it is a character class, but it isn't constructed here, so is it a built-in character class? 15:21
Ah, is it maybe old syntax??? There is a character class <xdigit> that should match a hexdigit. Is it deprecated code maybe? 15:23
hm <xdigit> and <hexdigit> both work interchangeably when I run the code... Must be some leftover syntax(?) 15:34
still wondering what +% is 15:47
or maybe that's not an operator and they have specified a modified quantifier in a funny way.... That makes sense I think 15:51
I was wrong, hexdigit and xdigit are not equiv now I'm confused again 15:55
I asked in the other channel and apparently it's a unicode class, and case and underscores are ignored, so Hex_Digit can be hexdigit. 16:28
newer stuff is harder to find but is here: 16:30
gfldex thowe: hexdigit is defined in the Raku grammar. 17:47
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stevied i have a command the prompts a user for input. I want to get at the output of the program. So I have this: 18:36
my $proc ='bin/docexec');
$proc.stdout.tap(->$v { say $v; say 'bye'; });
react {
whenever {
$proc.kill; # sends SIGHUP, change appropriately
however, I'm not getting anything back in `$v`
ah, dammit, was getting back something but first line was blank. 19:19
how do I get back all the lines? 19:20
ok, there was some line buffering going on. using "unbuffer" utility did the trick. see 20:26
thowe gfldex: where do you see hexdigits defined? 20:54
stevied: I'm willing to play with it a bit, but I think you need a pastbin or gist or something so I can get your real code. 21:44
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