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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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guifa kbtz: make sure to `use gname` 00:25
Depending on where it's located at, you may need a `use lib 'path/to/gname.rakumod'`
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jaguart in a method, how to I call another method with all of my args? e.g. in Perl I would just: delegated( @_ ); 20:26
I have a mix of positional and named args - all of which need to be passed to delegated()
stevied Use a slurpy 20:28
jaguart what if I dont know the signature of delegated() 20:29
might be positional, named or a mix thereof
or even a multi 20:31
I'm looking at - I kind of want a ``nextsame`` where I can specify the next and get the return etc 20:37
so maybe that's not really a ``nextdame`` :)
ok - so now I'm reading ... but any pointers appreciated 20:42
aha - my subs signature ( |c ) -> othersub( |c ) -> hoorah. 20:48
p6steve anton: back to 22 July (sorry just noticed) - I have added .to-dataset method to latest Dan::Polars prototype - on my 8GB RAM laptop it maxes on about 240MB csv file (19 mins) ... this is about 3 secs for Polars read_csv to ingest the file, the rest is then the get-data to bring it into raku 21:24
with Dan::Polars you can just leave the data over in the Polars shadow df (ie. Rust + Arrow2) and just use raku to manipulate 21:26
but there are good reasons to load into raku too, I think that there are many limitations to my current code mainly in copying data into and out of CArrays and also in building raku objects on ingestion ... 21:28
lizmat jaguart: if it is just about allowing 2 different names, you can also alias 2 subs 22:42
m: sub a(|c) { dd c }; my &b := &a; b 42 22:43
camelia \(42)
lizmat m: sub a(|c) { dd c }; my &b := &a; b 42
camelia \(42)
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