This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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lizmat Heptite: I sure don't :-) 08:48
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lizmat and yet another Rakudo Weekly News hits the Net: 12:29
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guifa Heptite: many of us have passive memory of them all 22:39
In other words, if I see something, I recognize it, although it might not be something I'd actively use or even think of
Heptite So you can read code that uses these features even if you wouldn' 22:40
t necessarily think of the features when writing code?
guifa Yeah. It's a lot like human languages in that sense. There are tons of words I recognize but probably wouldn't be able to recall on command, for instance 22:44
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