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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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helppls Hey, I'm trying to create a simple interpreter in Raku, but I'm getting a weird output starting with: ´Żó and ending with ´Żú, for  example here: 18:14
 ´ŻóZmienna x wynosi 20. print x.´Żú
 statement => ´ŻóZmienna x wynosi 20´Żú
  var-declaration => ´ŻóZmienna x wynosi 20´Żú
   var-name => ´Żóx´Żú
   var-value => ´Żó20´Żú
 statement => ´Żóprint x´Żú
  func-call => ´Żóprint x´Żú
   var-name => ´Żóx´Żú
any ideas what could be causing this?
lizmat feels like a weird form of mojibake ? 18:16
helppls It seems like it shows even on simplest code like: my $prog = "my a = 10;"; 18:21
grammar L {
    rule TOP{
        'my a = 10;'
say L.parse($prog);
Nemokosch huh, good luck to figure this one out... what system are you using? 18:24
helppls win10 18:26
lizmat helppls: fwiw, that code gives me: 「my a = 10;」 18:27
as expected 18:28
what does raku -v say?
helppls Welcome to RakudoÔäó v2022.07. 18:29
Implementing the Raku® Programming Language v6.d.
Built on MoarVM version 2022.07.
lizmat are you on Windows per chance ?
helppls yes, windows 10
Nemokosch windows 10 sounds like that
okay, this is definitely some encoding zalgo 18:30
unicode displayed poorly
helppls I suppose it could be only from the side of my termin, so I could ignore it for now and on different machine/vm it should be working just fine, right?
lizmat it should 18:31
helppls Okay, thank you very much guys :)
Nemokosch maybe even a change in the terminal or another terminal could help on it 18:32
helppls Ok, after some time figuring it out I will just opt to ignore it for now though, thanks! 18:34
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