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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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habere-et-disper m: say '⑩' 10:54
camelia ten
habere-et-disper m: say ('①'..'⑩').map: *
camelia (one two three four five six seven eight nine ten)
habere-et-disper m: say (①..⑩).map: *
camelia (one two three four five six seven eight nine one)
habere-et-disper WHY? 10:55
lizmat why what ?
habere-et-disper Why does the last range give one in the tail instead of ten?
m: say (①..⑩).map: * 10:56
camelia (one two three four five six seven eight nine one)
Nemokosch indeed lol
oh okay, I have an idea 10:57
10.uniname might not be such a good idea to call
and that's essentially what happened 10:58
habere-et-disper Okay -- thanks!
Nemokosch > Interprets the invocant or first argument as a Str, and returns the Unicode codepoint name of the first codepoint of the first character.
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Nemokosch say (①..⑩).map: *.Str.uninames.words 11:00
m: say (①..⑩).map: *.Str.uninames.words
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habere-et-disper (It's the Str which undoes the unicode.) 11:01
Fair enough.
Nemokosch no, it's not, I think
①..⑩ itself just returns 1..10 11:02
these are legitimate numbers
lizmat right, they're *numbers*, not *digits* 11:03
habere-et-disper Is this a bug then? 11:05
lizmat no, it's behaviour defined by the Unicode standard 11:07
habere-et-disper Okay, whew! :-) 11:08
Nemokosch I think if there is anything that can confuse you, it's that numbers may be entered in several ways in Raku (one of them being ⑩) - but they can only have one .Str representation and that's always gonna be the good old Arabic 11:10
so the moment you entered ⑩ as a number, you lost it as a string
lizmat m: say ⑩.^name
camelia Int
habere-et-disper Thank you for clarifying @Nemokosch! Helpful. 11:12
Nemokosch if you need it as a string, well, keep it in a string rather than a numeric literal 😛
lizmat: is there possibly a way to specify what representation of a number you'd like to get? 11:14
lizmat coerce it?
m: dd ⑩.Num 11:15
camelia 10e0
Nemokosch I mean non-arabic systems and possibly these funky unicodes 11:16
my gut feeling is that this is more up to modules 11:18
lizmat ah, like that... hhmm... definitely module space 11:29
probably in the I18N:: namespace ?
Nemokosch hm, could be, I don't know one 11:57
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guifa_ Intl::Format::Number 14:01
an module which I am actually updating *as we speak*
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guifa_ (trying to add support for "compact numbers". So `format-number 12345, :length<short>` will produce "12 K" and :length<long> will produce "12 thousand". I don't find those as useful, both if I'm doing all the work to update for RakuAST, might as well go ahead and do the standard to a T 15:01
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Nemokosch this module fails to install for me due to test errors 18:45
Anton Antonov How can I get the body of a function? Or regex. 18:47
lizmat you mean the source? 18:48
Anton Antonov Yes, the source. It looks like I can use .gist ... 18:51
lizmat that would surprise me 18:53
Anton Antonov Hm... I can use .gist on regexes in grammar classes.
lizmat yeah, but normally the source of a code block is *not* kept
Anton Antonov @lizmat Yeah, I was wrong.
lizmat you could do find out the filename and line number 18:54
and read the file and lines and look for the end of the code block, I guess
Anton Antonov @lizmat Ok, that is doable. 18:55
lizmat has a sub "normalize-backtrace-filename" that could be of use 18:56
Anton Antonov @lizmat Thank you! 19:05
guifa Nemokosch: which one? Mine? 19:29
it's possible, I haven't touched it in a while. What's it erroring on? If it's something simple I can maybe fix it real fast. Current update I'm working on will take a few days 19:30
oh yeah, that's a fairly easy fix, it's due to a small change I made in Intl::CLDR. I'll see if I can do it tonight 19:48
Nemokosch TAP problems 21:20
perhaps it's not good marketing that whenever something goes wrong with a test, some nebulous message referring to TAP shows up 😅 21:22
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