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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
habere-et-disper Full text: 00:22
$ raku
Welcome to Rakudo™ v2022.12.
Implementing the Raku® Programming Language v6.d.
Built on MoarVM version 2022.12.
I ran into a problem while trying to set up Readline: ===SORRY!===
Failed to get the directory contents of '/usr/local/opt/readline/lib': Failed to open dir: No such file or directory
Falling back to Linenoise (if present)
To exit type 'exit' or '^D'
[0] >
$ zef list --installed | grep Readline
jaguart maybe zef install --force-install Readline ? 00:29
installed modules get precompiled and end up in sha1 named places like: find ~ -ls | grep Readline 00:35
===> /home/jeff/.zef/store/perl6-readline/A01FED661682F6E510445205CBD1F5A540B19198/lib/ 00:36
habere-et-disper Uninstall and reinstall shows the cause: 00:37
[Readline] ===SORRY!===
[Readline] On macOS Perl6::Readline requires installing Readline via Homebrew
jaguart :)
habere-et-disper Thanks @jaguart. Brew failed to install readline with: 00:56
Warning: Refusing to link macOS provided/shadowed software: readline
Then I realized it was installed via nix, added another directory to the nix lib path and it works!
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asarch From: in the example code there is: my Gnome::Gtk3::Main $m .= new; What does .= mean? 16:17
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lizmat asarch: my Foo $bar .= new; is the same as my Foo $bar = 22:55
it allows you to not have to repeat the "Foo" if you want to constrain the type in the variable 22:56
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