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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
Nemokosch careful 😅 00:00
Anton Antonov "Slice it" might be a more appropriate term. (Although, some people do crush onions.) 01:27
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deoac Is it possible to interpolate variables in POD6? 02:08
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Nemokosch I don't think it has that feature natively 02:17
Anton Antonov @deoac I think you looking for some kind of feature that is "Text::CodeProcessing". That module evaluates Pod6 code blocks. So, it can be used to interpolate variables. 02:20
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kitsunegari im trying to remove a set of words from a file full of song titles, using substitution. the code template this class has me using says specifically to use substitution and also both g and i directives on it, but it wont let me run that because it says ig is an invalid directive for substitution. am i missing something? 03:50
kjp You need to specify each option separately. Try s:i:g/... 03:57
kitsunegari that fixed it, yes 04:02
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