This channel is intended for people just starting with the Raku Programming Language ( Logs are available at
Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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habere-et-disper Documentation 404 15:52
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lucs Meep/test 15:53
Zephyr bridge test
yup, works
lucs @Zephyr Thanks. 15:54
Zephyr np
lizmat discord-raku-bot: welcome back, sorry for my unwarranted ban 15:58
Zephyr it was rather unexpected, would you prefer if we bridged raku-steeering-council perhaps and made it moderator-only on the Discord side? since I presume having a channel of communication would make things more convenient 16:01
lizmat yes, that would be very helpful indeed 16:02
from my pov, the difficulty is really not being able to privmsg people on the discord side
if we could find a way to do that as well, that would be great 16:03
Zephyr hmm, maybe I should look into both bridging that channel and then figuring out a way to make privmsg work over the bridge. I'll be afk for a bit rn though, gotta go grab dinner 16:04
lizmat ok, thanks so far!
pelevesque What happened today was a strange anomaly, probably not something that will happen often.
Zephyr although I presume the latter would require a custom implementation
since I didn't notice anything of the bridge that allows for something like that
the bridge has been shut down before so I think better internal communication would only help 16:05
lizmat agree... having a moderator only bridge to #raku-steering-council would already be a good start 16:06
lucs I'm afraid we may actually be seeing more of these types of events, given the easy access to chat generating bots.
pelevesque You think it was a bot? 16:07
lucs Not sure, but not impossible.
lizmat all of that written within *4* seconds 16:09
pelevesque Bot, or she has text ready for pasting. 16:10
lizmat yeah, but is that normal behaviour: to gather up all the things you want to say, and then blurt it out? 16:14
Nemokosch IRC clients tend to split messages, no? 16:16
Zephyr uhhh, I'm back but it appears like I currently don't have create channels permission on the Discord side. I'll have the mod-only raku-steering-council bridge set up as soon as Rog creates the channel (pinged him about it already) 16:20
pelevesque I like the word blurt... It should have been named blurterBot instead of orylesor
lizmat Nemokosch they indeed to, but generally just after X characters, not at line breaks, in my experience 16:25
Anton Antonov That was one of my (voiced) conjectures too. 🙂 16:46
lucs Yeah, that idea surprised me at first, but upon rereading what had been said, it made sense. 16:53
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Rog How can they be so hateful to Anton, what with his beautiful accent and all 17:49
Love you videos btw, that ChatGPT one was very interesting
Zephyr btw for others concerned: yes the steering council bridge has been made 17:51
lizmat confirmed :-) 17:57
Zephyr I'll go sleep for now, have a nice day/night y'all 17:58
lizmat gnight Zephyr 18:17
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Anton Antonov @Rog Thanks! Even I do not want to I have to "deal" with ChatGPT... 19:15
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