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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: by job scheduling, would something like this help? 02:09
aruniecrisps yep this is what i mean by job scheduling, something that's backed by some database whether it be sql or redis @SmokeMachine 02:45
SmokeMachine I’m planning to play with that idea and create a RedJob (or something like that) when I have some time… 03:02
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rcmlz I am having trouble running this short code with the --profile flag under Raku v2023.11 on MacOS I run raku --profile calculator-the-game.raku and get > raku --profile calculator-the-game.raku ok 1 - ok 2 - ok 3 - [1] 5923 segmentation fault raku --profile calculator-the-game.raku Is there anything I can do? I suspekt it has to do with 13:56
EVAL, which is most likely also the bottleneck.
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I updated to v2024.01 - and now it worked. 14:10
lizmat :-) 14:12
antononcube I think this question, or similar, has been asked here before: How I can "debug" messages from fez like "Error reading META from your last upload" ? 14:15
Is there any way to see exactly where error happens? 14:16
lizmat tonyo might know
antononcube Ok. 14:22
aruniecrisps @SmokeMachine if you want I can work on that as well 15:05
i need that anyways for my application 15:06
antononcube @arun Java (and many other programming languages) can be used in Raku via ZeroMQ. 15:09
I am not sure is this something you might invest time on. It depends how "indispensable" the Java libraries are. 15:10
aruniecrisps i figured if we could leeverage something like JobRunr or another existing job runner but I figure it's probably better to do it in Raku 15:25
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I'm looking at the Raku grammar and trying to build a tree sitter parser, but i'm scratching my head at what counts as a Raku identifier 16:13
antononcube What is "tree sitter"? 16:14
SmokeMachine aruniecrisps: sure! 16:17
aruniecrisps @antononcube it's an incremental parser, it's used in things like generating better context-aware syntax highlighters that can be used in vim, emacs, vscode, etc. and it can also be used in security scanners like, overall it's a single format that can be used in multiple contexts
SmokeMachine antononcube: it's a tool that parsers code and creates a kind of AST to IDEs have more information about that code 16:18
antononcube @arun What is exactly you are trying to do, though? Do you want to make a Raku-aware editor or editor extension, or you "just" want to deparse certain Raku expressions? 16:19
aruniecrisps it's the former, i'm trying to make a more Raku aware editor extension
antononcube Hmm... A few people worked Raku extensions for Emacs and Visual Studio Code. Those might be a start. Otherwise, a "generic" answer would be . 16:21
But is it possible to just to Raku bindings to existing tree-sitter libraries? (In whatever language.) 16:22
Maybe, Perl tree-sitter implementations or bindings can be relatively easily converted to Raku ones. 16:23
aruniecrisps Unfortunately, their setup is peculiar, the grammar is written javascript, from which the tree-sitter executable generates rust and c 16:25
antononcube Is the JavaScript grammar in Backus-Naur Form (BNF) or something similar to BNF? If yes, then you might "just" need a BNF for Raku. 16:27
(I assume a subset of Raku can be implemented in a tree-sitter functionality.)
Can this Perl tree-sitter repository be modified to be a Raku one? 16:42
aruniecrisps It probably could be, I'm trying to figure out the nuances of Raku vs Perl 16:43
antononcube @arun They seem to be described here: 16:46
tonyo antoncube: are you getting that in an email or on the command line? 17:02
antononcube @tonyo Yes, I am getting the message in an email. 17:29
Many emails, at this point... 🙂
tonyo when was the last time you sent it up? or can you send one right now while i'm in the logs looking? 17:32
working on a way to give you realtime feedback so you'll see an error from fez directly, in the testing phase of it
antononcube Ok. I will make a new submission. My old submission was on 2024-01-28 21:20 ET . 17:35
The package/module is "DSL::Bulgarian". 17:36
@tonyo Sorry, slight delay with my new submission -- I making sure I can install it on a different computer. 18:05
tonyo it looks like maybe you're having the same issue guifa was having 18:06
what version are you trying to upload?
antononcube DSL::Bulgarian:ver<0.1.1> 18:07
@tonyo I think I found a potential culprit -- I am requesting in the META6.json of "DSL::Bulgarian" a package version that is way ahead of the one submitted last. 18:19
@tonyo Just submitted a new attempt and got an email saying: "Error reading META from your last upload". 18:38
tonyo can you drop the bundle somewhere so i can inspect locally? 18:40
antononcube Is a GitHub repository going to work? 19:06
Here is the repository: 19:19
tonyo can you do the bundle? `fez upload --save-autobundle` if you're using fez 21:02
will have an `sdist/` folder in current dir 21:03
antononcube @tonyo Sorry, I was away ... 21:45
@tonyo Yes, I can do the bundle. I got "Hey! You did it! Your dist will be indexed shortly." 21:47
And a new bundle...
And a new email "Error reading META from your last upload"... 21:48