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Set by lizmat on 21 April 2021.
jraspass If you want less zef repetition in the URL: raku.land/zef:japhb/CBOR::Simple ;-) 00:04
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vrurg .tell lizmat gist.github.com/vrurg/a608e01a44e5...nt-3716606 02:00
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to lizmat
vrurg .tell sena_kun I have done bisecting and added a comment to gist.github.com/vrurg/a608e01a44e5...205359cf9c 02:01
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to sena_kun
japhb lizmat, raydiak: CBOR::Simple 0.0.3 is out; I've made the suggested enum changes and captured some of the low-hanging optimization fruit. (It's around twice as fast as 0.0.2, but that still leaves it ~4x as slow as JSON::Fast right now. More to do clearly. :-) ) 03:16
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[Tux] Yesterday: 06:41
Rakudo v2021.03-190-gc05b23f18 (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.03-61-gb553aba6f
csv-ip5xs1.125 - 1.152
csv-ip5xs-209.914 - 9.945
csv-parser26.994 - 27.208
csv-test-xs-200.386 - 0.387
test8.224 - 8.718
test-t2.149 - 2.256
test-t --race1.083 - 1.092
test-t-2036.726 - 37.207
test-t-20 --race10.150 - 11.536
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lizmat sena_kun: github.com/rakudo/rakudo/commit/ea...f9fdaaca15 # fixes IO::Handle::Rollover 08:56
sena_kun lizmat, awesome! 08:59
tellable6 2021-04-23T02:01:41Z #raku-dev <vrurg> sena_kun I have done bisecting and added a comment to gist.github.com/vrurg/a608e01a44e5...205359cf9c
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sena_kun releasable6, status 09:38
releasable6 sena_kun, Next release will happen when it's ready. 2 blockers. 8 out of 191 commits logged (⚠ 1 warnings)
sena_kun, Details: gist.github.com/c8abadc0a88ee2afbd...7c5e1bd270
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sena_kun releasable6, status 10:04
releasable6 sena_kun, Next release will happen when it's ready. 2 blockers. 31 out of 191 commits logged (⚠ 1 warnings)
sena_kun, Details: gist.github.com/6646404aa6b3dadcb8...4aafa95c23
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sena_kun that's a lot of commits 10:05
lizmat sena_kun: give me an hour or so, I will cover mine 10:21
sena_kun lizmat, your time is much more valuable, so no need to, I'll do it after $dayjob. :) 10:22
I am not complaining, a lot of commits is a good thing, more things tuned. :)
lizmat ok, I'll leave it to you then :-) 10:25
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raydiak .tell japhb cool deal! I'll check it out tomorrow, about to hit the hay. spent a sickening amount of time today riding the distro merry-go-round and now it's 4 AM 11:04
tellable6 raydiak, I'll pass your message to japhb
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lizmat sena_kun: re release, there may be some bad news test-t wise :-( 11:17
looks like a recent MoarVM change made test-t about 10% slower again :-(
sena_kun lizmat, the one fixing inlining? 11:18
lizmat could well be
sena_kun "test-t 1.949 - 2.066"
^ you mean this?
lizmat [08:41:58] <[Tux]>test-t 2.149 - 2.256 11:19
sena_kun hmm
on 21 it was ok, but 22 is "bad" 11:20
lizmat yeah :-(
sena_kun to be honest I don't think we have more time to investigate that.
lizmat yeah, I agree
expecially with all the recent activity on MoarVM 11:21
by all involved!
it doesn't appear to affect stability, *that* would be a blocker to me 11:22
in related news: I seem not to be able to get IRC::Client::Plugin::Logger to pass its tests on the most recent MacOS
sena_kun lizmat, thanks for noting. Is it a regression? 11:23
lizmat I'm not sure: it's the first time I've done anything with IRC::Client
and it runs fine on my MacOS
but that's not a recent one, for various reasons
is there a way to detect a segfault with a Proc::Async ? 11:30
timotimo exit codes have the signal encoded in them, though the return code you get with the obvious method gives that part of the value masked out i think? 11:47
docs.raku.org/type/Proc#method_signal 11:48
lizmat signal 6 11:56
SIGABRT ? 11:57
"It essentially means your app has crashed" 11:58
sadly STDOUT nor STDERR report anything :-( 11:59
github.com/lizmat/IRC-Client-Plugi...focus=true 12:00
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[Tux] too many teams meetings, so high resource today. I'll re-run soonish 13:19
Rakudo v2021.03-191-gea102883d (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.03-61-gb553aba6f
csv-ip5xs0.830 - 0.857
csv-ip5xs-207.862 - 8.237
csv-parser26.069 - 27.181
csv-test-xs-200.371 - 0.372
test7.520 - 7.810
test-t1.996 - 2.009
test-t --race0.899 - 0.979
test-t-2031.854 - 33.694
test-t-20 --race9.720 - 10.096
lizmat ok, so not as bad as feared *phew* 14:03
sena_kun ^^
sena_kun nice
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timotimo lizmat: sigabrt tends to happen when a program calls the c standard library function `abort()`, which is also often the consequence of an `assert(blah)` failing, but in that case there is usually an error message to go with it to say which assertion failed to cause the abort 16:59
lizmat well, no message whatsoever :-( 17:03
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timotimo you're on macos in this case? 17:10
lizmat that's the one failing yes, but locally on MacOS all is fine 17:12
but I'm at least one major version behind locally 17:13
10.15.7 on GH Actions
locally 10.14.6
so I wonder if it is a more generic issue on newer MacOS 17:16
cause the module in question doesn't do anything strange
so I suspect IRC::Client is failing
I'm considering adopting IRC::Client fwiw
timotimo i don't know how you get a macos to generate a core dump, but having that available would probably be insightful 17:17
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tonyo is irc client a c binding? 17:19
[Coke] tonyo: I don't think directly, but perhaps IO::Socket::Async::SSL is? 17:37
(yes, that has NativeCall)
tonyo that was causing a lot of issues for me on big sur as well, that's a good candidate to investigate 17:42
lizmat yeah, sadly I'm stuck at Mojave for now, has Apple has decided to destroy all of my video / music workflows on higher versions 17:43
without viable upgrade path
[Coke] sounds like you found out before it was too late, so that's something. 17:44
lizmat gave up on converting iPhoto lib after it had been busy for a week
[Coke] sadly, I didn't
[Coke] I barely use this mac and I'm afraid to upgrade.
lizmat: oh noes.
lizmat yeah, that's another few weeks of my life gone repairing my music workflow after nuking my media iMac back to Mojave
dinner& 17:45
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tonyo i've bricked two macs, one was a work computer doing the upgrade 18:32
lizmat bricked as in: unsalvagable hardware wise ? 18:35
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tonyo one yea, one took about six days to recover (luckily my personal) 18:49
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lizmat wow, any idea what bricked it hardware wise? It's the first time I hear of an upgrade bricking a Mac that thoroughly 18:52
sena_kun releasable6, status 18:56
releasable6 sena_kun, Next release will happen when it's ready. 2 blockers. 31 out of 191 commits logged (⚠ 1 warnings)
sena_kun, Details: gist.github.com/6800cc6a172c5fe301...88a1784fec
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tonyo not entirely sure. i think the company i work for had some jamf stuff on it for machine management and they were trying to prevent the upgrade and we were in the middle of troubleshooting vpn stuff, the mac froze, rebooted, actually upgraded and then could never boot 19:13
lizmat ah... ok, so not your typical user setup 19:14
timotimo: changed the GH action to just do a "raku -Ilib t/01-basic.rakutest" 19:16
and the output is:
line 1: 1380 Abort trap: 6 raku -Ilib t/01-basic.rakutest
timotimo well that sounds pretty broken 19:30
lizmat yeah... :-( 19:31
timotimo there must be some way to run it with a debugger and have it automatically spit out backtraces and such 19:33
but me no macos person
there'd probably be lldb on there, the clang debugger?
tonyo you usually only run into tool issues like that for stuff that's in gnu and not bsd ^ 19:34
lldb iirc, strace, etc all there
timotimo strace could already be slightly interesting, but will probably not have enough details to figure out where the problem is happening 19:35
lizmat note: this is not happening globally, only when running in Github Actions 19:39
so interaction is rather difficult, and I have no idea what tools there are during testing 19:40
afk& 19:44
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vrurg .ask sena_kun I guess we now need one more blin. 21:57
tellable6 vrurg, I'll pass your message to sena_kun
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sena_kun vrurg, it won't hurt for sure! 21:59
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vrurg Ok. This time will post it in issues because having a discussion in a private gist isn't the best way of doing it. :) 22:02
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