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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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tbrowder hi, would love an eyeball or two on Rakudo PR #4434 00:24
ugexe MasterDuke: every extra lib/repo added will add overhead. in your example the extra lib happens to be a CURFS (and not just a CURFS but one without a META6.json so it has to first find all files recursively) which means if it hasn't been precompiled yet as a CURFS it'll need to do that (generate .precomp) 00:33
maybe better to do a comparison to add like `-I "inst#/Users/ugexe/.rakubrew/versions/moar-blead/install/share/perl6/core"` to the second example 00:35
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MasterDuke ugexe: thanks 06:36
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|Tux| Rakudo v2021.06-21-gdba9f56af (v6.d) on MoarVM 2021.06-6-g6977d0591
csv-ip5xs0.836 - 0.853
csv-ip5xs-208.512 - 8.965
csv-parser27.181 - 28.232
csv-test-xs-200.378 - 0.385
test7.565 - 7.799
test-t2.071 - 2.072
test-t --race0.874 - 0.899
test-t-2034.469 - 35.488
test-t-20 --race9.827 - 9.867
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[Coke] gfldex: do you have a 'use v6...' in that AnyModule? 15:06
I can't duplicate your error here. 15:07
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melezhik . 16:37
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gfldex [Coke]: I don't here is the module I use: gist.github.com/gfldex/aebc7c83d8a...6b1b5f0f18 21:35
m: does %h{**} just call multi sub postcircumfix:<{ }>( \SELF, Whatever ) ? 22:36
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '%h' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3does 7⏏5%h{**} just call multi sub postcircumfix
gfldex m: does %h{**} just call the same candidate as %h{*}? 22:37
camelia 5===SORRY!5=== Error while compiling <tmp>
Variable '%h' is not declared
at <tmp>:1
------> 3does 7⏏5%h{**} just call the same candidate as %
gfldex o.O I better get some sleep.
melezhik releasable: status 23:00
releasable6 melezhik, Next release in ≈24 days and ≈19 hours. 1 blocker. Changelog for this release was not started yet
melezhik, Details: gist.github.com/23f3e7ac83773aa75f...235206a25e
[Coke] gfldex: with that module in lib/Restricted.rakumod, this prints 3: raku -Ilib -MRestricted -e 'use v6.* ;say 3' 23:21
I'm on 2021.04