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Set by lizmat on 22 May 2021.
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lizmat m: my Int $a; $a := True; say $a # this feels counter-intuitive :-) 14:05
camelia True
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nine But correct, since Enums are Ints 14:11
after all: 14:12
m: say True + True
camelia 2
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ab5tract still might be considered LTA that it isn't coerced to the Int-y side of things 16:27
m: my Int $a; $a := True; put $a
camelia True
ab5tract (thought it might be related to say calling .gist) 16:28
m: my Int $a; $a := True; dd $a
camelia Bool::True
ab5tract appears to be consistent :)
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lizmat so I have a role that exports an infix:<eqv> candidate 20:45
how can I have a class consuming that role (in another file) have that export as well?
case in point: IRC::Log the role exporting an IRC::Log::Entry version of eqv 20:46
and wanting IRC::Log::Colabti to automatically export that as well
alternately, do we have a way to stick something in the EXPORT of a consuming class from the code of a role? 21:12
Geth DBIish/rbt.complex-types: 06c955ba6d | (Rod Taylor)++ | 9 files
Restructure type conversions

Allow for 2-way registered conversions. From Raku objects to a format suitable for the database (this was hardcoded for Buf already) in addition to the previously registerable conversions from DB to Raku (Bool, DateTime, Buf).
Allow registration of conversion via register-type-conversion() function calls. This hides the internal implementation which will probably change at some point.
The pg_custom_type.p6 file contains a sample Raku Point(:$x, :$y) object to a Pg "point" type in both directions.
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pussies_slayer_9 I found a oneliner where perl excels in comparison to raku 23:51
perl -e 'my $str .= "$_\n" for 0..300000;'  0.02s user 0.00s system 3% cpu 0.697 total
raku -e 'my $str ~= "$_\n" for ^300000;'  2.47s user 2.37s system 100% cpu 4.796 total
100x difference 23:52
raku totally obliterated 23:53
one would think that perl is just reallocing the $str buffer while raku is copying it over and over to a new one 23:56
perl -e 'my $int += $_ for 0..300000;'  0.02s user 0.00s system 89% cpu 0.020 total 23:59
raku -e 'my $int += $_ for 0..300000;'  0.26s user 0.05s system 115% cpu 0.263 total
10x slower