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Set by lizmat on 8 June 2022.
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MasterDuke [Coke]: looks like a bunch of the file-related ops (e.g., chmod, copy) are documented incorrectly. it says they return values, but they don't actually 02:22
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Geth rakudo: 4cdb558504 | (Christian Bartolomäus)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | src/vm/jvm/runtime/org/raku/rakudo/RakOps.java
[JVM] Make generics work with return type in sigs (#5080)

This intends to port the changes to src/vm/moar/Perl6/Ops.nqp from
  github.com/rakudo/rakudo/pull/5048 to the JVM backend.
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Geth ¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned rakudo.org website install from source instruction broken github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4920 14:10
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Geth ¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned wiki/Running-rakudo-from-the-command-line out of date github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4885 14:11
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Update Copyright date github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4728 14:12
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned round() produces incorrect result github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4546 14:37
¦ rakudo: coke assigned to jdv Issue "make test" fails on Apple M1 hardware github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4341 14:50
[Coke] github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/5070 - need someone to decide if quietly is broken here, or if worries & warning are really different things. 15:00
we can probably close github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4964 one way or the other. ("on the roadmap"/"never going to happen") 15:02
Geth ¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Tail call github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4964 15:05
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Add reminder of memory requirements to website and/or build doco github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/1548 15:28
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned CPU utilization degrades over time github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4899 15:34
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Curlie in loop issue github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4685 15:38
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Don't exit REPL on Control-C github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/4402 15:40
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Any.print-nl is broken github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/2713 15:52
¦ rakudo: coke self-assigned Some environment variables seem to be missing github.com/rakudo/rakudo/issues/1889 15:54
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Geth nqp: Kaiepi++ created pull request #781:
[JVM] Implement the objprimunsigned and objprimbits ops
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