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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
coleman The kind of artifact we should yield kind of depends on what ops wants 00:25
[Coke] ok, the 2-step docker process - the build went ok, I think; the run step doesn't seem to be doing anything. 01:58
no output on the run command, nothing responding on port 10K
also: when did telnet stop being a thing, I missed the memo. :|
curl localhost:10000/ -> empty reply 01:59
tried opening a shell in the running 'next-docs' but it is (of course) very barebones. (couldn't find 'ps') 02:23
... ok, restarted it at least once, tried going in with a shell, tried ... opening in the browser again and I am looking at the docs locally in the browser. :) 02:24
Can we get in the new site? would be fine if it was a separate, unlinked URL and not on each page. 02:50
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