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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] Altai-man: let's catch up on saturday? 13:24
Altai-man [Coke], sure. if you can create a google meet or something, it'd be nice
but to be precise
I'm not sure if we have an agenda or anything to discuss 13:25
the urgent problems were fixed I believe
so it's mostly about contactring rba regarding changing the domain recordes
*contacting 13:26
ugh, fingers...
[Coke] (urgent problems) so, where do things stand now? 13:30
I think I missed any urgent problems if they happened recently.
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patrickb Is the server sorted out? (I.e. only the domain name is missing?) 15:46
Altai-man patrickb, I'll ask if there is one, but otherwise I have a DO droplet already used for that so... 16:33
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patrickb ah nice. I also just went the easy Route and set up my own Server for the RCB. (hetzner in my case) 19:33
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