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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] I need to digest that and make a decision 02:16
In my defense, there is a TON of text there. 02:17
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Geth doc: tbrowder++ created pull request #4168:
Improve discussion and examples of programmatically using class method names
doc: 1d41f3822b | (Will Coleda)++ | xt/aspell.t
use higher level Lock

  tbrowder++, part of #4162
doc: a0f57177eb | (Will Coleda)++ | 2 files
use higher level Lock

  tbrowder++, part of #4162
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tbrowder is there a public container available so i can use “make docker-xtest?” 17:42
i tried the default and got a msg about trust issues 17:44
do i need to get on jmerelo’s access list somehow 17:45
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[Coke] as far as I know, only jj was using the docker containers. I don't touch them. 18:39
if Ican get access to a machine that is failing the aspell test, I can probably find a root cause 18:40
tbrowder using a common and available docker might be a way around my mysterious problem. tony-o uses docker a lot. i was using one of his for git testing. maybe he could set one up to work and stay unchanged until need be. 19:01
just for the docs 19:02
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tbrowder [Coke]: would you be willing to access one of mine remotely if i spin one up that exhibits the problem? if so, i may have time to do that tomorrow 20:22
[Coke] sure 21:00
don't need admin access, will just pimg you if I find something missing. 21:01
Geth doc: 0rir++ created pull request #4169:
Consolidate once from statement-prefixes.pod6 into control.pod6.
doc: 0rir++ created pull request #4170:
Consolidate start from statement-prefixes.pod6 into control.pod6.
doc: 0rir++ created pull request #4171:
Consolidate start from statement-prefixes.pod6 to control.pod6.
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tbrowder i usually setup ssh only, if you could send me yr public key vi email and a shasum via irc that should work unless you knw 22:23
know a safer way
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