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Ironically don't check Brackets file

Closes #4212
[Coke] tbrowder: I decided to let this one skip, special case 00:29
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debug URL added?
found with updated links test.
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Pass updated link test

URLs need to be L<>, not C<>
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Examine pod directly instead of using pod2html
[Coke] ^^ found some issues with the updated links test 02:35
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Remove more ™
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[Coke] we should get doc-website commits/prs etc. going forward 04:38
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add more ™ (#141)
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NemokoschKiwi Again, for heaven's sake... it's not helpful to restate that "we are striving for one unified version" for the umpteenth time... really, what would it take to say instead what "marking versions" would mean, then, that needs long-term planning? 10:03
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patrickb If in a conversation two parties seem to each restate their position it's typically a conversation problem. The way to get out is then usually not to try to restate ones position in more fancy ways, but trying to understand the other. Usually it turns out that there is a set of contexts and ideas that are consistent. Once those have been found and understood one can respond to those. 10:23
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NemokoschKiwi I'd say there is a difference between restating an apparent position and restating the existence of a non-apparent position, i.e saying that you have said something that you seemingly didn't 11:21
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coleman I'm sorry, could you repeat that 15:54
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