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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
Geth doc/main: f175fe9ae4 | cfa++ | doc/Language/faq.rakudoc
Update rakudoc link in the FAQ, replace p6doc reference

Reported in
doc/main: a2155065fe | cfa++ | doc/Language/glossary.rakudoc
Add truthy and falsy to the glossary

Closes #4274
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Geth doc/main: 9851aab561 | rir++ (committed by Will Coleda) | doc/Language/5to6-perlfunc.rakudoc
Add info to 5to6-perlfunc.rakudoc at each HASH

Mentioning that there are Pair objects, so more possibilities, and specifically `.pairs` and `.antipairs`.
[Coke] finanalyst's PR for Language vs. language had me go back to the test; it wouldn't have caught it because it was "Language", not "/Language", but also: there was no link, only content. L<some/path> looks like it renders as a link with the same link/display, but internally, the link is null and the content is the only thing set. 14:23
We might want to say that if there's no protocol, links have to start with / 14:31
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Geth doc/main: 02a2b1342c | Coke++ | xt/rakudoc-l.rakutest
Complain about mis-cased links

Also support L<X> links, not just L<X|X>
doc/main: e1cfcf69ec | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed by Will Coleda) | doc/Language/modules.rakudoc
Update modules.rakudoc

Link url has a typo (should be `/language/filename-extensions`, not `/Language/...`
doc/main: d97230f17e | cfa++ | 2 files
Fix a few links
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Xliff \o 15:44
Who is leading development for the docs site?
[Coke] There's a few people working on it, mainly someone who doesn't IRC. 15:48
What's up?
I'm kind of the product owner, fwiw. 15:55
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Xliff [Coke] - Thanks for responding. I was wondering why each page did not have the sidebar for ease of navigation, but I see t hat it does in newer versions. 19:07
Hoping those make it to soon. 19:08
[Coke] Every page does have the sidebar. 19:23
Are you looking at docs-dev vs. docs?
*most* pages. (it's hidden behind the blue |>| in the upper left hand side) 19:24
(the home page itself doesn't have it) 19:26
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