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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] Util: sorry - we skipped a meeting, still doing well communicating with irc/github, so didn't plan on a regularly scheduled meeting going forward, but probably only removed the one from the list. 12:17
Util: thank you for showing up, good to see you again!
(well, see you on irc. :)
I 12:18
lizmat [Coke]: fwiw, I feel it's bad to skip a meeting before a rhythm has really been ingrained in all team members 12:21
if there's one thing I learned from organizing Perl Monger meetings, it's regularity 12:22
[Coke] I appreciate that. My intention was not to have them ongoing forever. But if folks find them useful, we can keep them. 12:23
lizmat well, lacking any in person events, I think the online meetups have their value 12:24
[Coke] (I thought we needed a kickstart to get everyone on the same page; and then we had a surprise new web site anyway)
lizmat well, I think there's still a lot to do, is there not ? 12:35
keeping momentum is also important I think 12:36
coleman Call me old school, but I do think sub-team coordination would be assisted by a real email mailing list 15:37
That's not trivial, though. lizmat: what's been your experience w/ perl6/raku mailing lists in the past? don't we have some that are active? 15:38
Build is green now, btw
This should reflect the main branches: 15:39
If not, something else is goofy
lizmat re mailing list: you mean, with an archive and so ? 15:41
the currently active user mailinglist is is still not renamed, and runs on the Perl NOC infra 15:42
coleman An archive, yea. And generally powered by mailing list software with self-service sub/unsub and moderation features 15:43
I'm not saying we should try and implement that right now, because it's a lot of work. 15:44
lizmat indeed... :-(
fwiw, this channel *is* being logged 15:45
and is searchable:
coleman Yes, that's true. And chat is a necessary community space, especially for new people. But it is also nice to have a place for long-form writing. It can encourage more coherent thinking (At least for me :) ) 15:47
Anyways, we aren't lacking in communication right now. Richard emailed me a few times over the weekend and I pushed him to move that into GitHub issues so that others can see, comment, and help.
[Coke] Thank you. I had been trying to do the same with him the last time he had a bunch of emails. 15:52
coleman: actually, asking *you* about setting up a mailing list was on my list. ... Is google groups still a thing? 15:57
coleman Google groups is still a thing, but I don't think it serves us well over the long term 16:03
Mostly because my experience with how they do membership and permissions (in a corporate setting) has soured me on them. 16:04
[Coke] are their other hosted solutions we could consider? Or would we be better off self-hosting? (higher bar, which is why we piggybacked off the perl5 team at the beginning)
coleman I'm sure there are hosted solutions. I'd love to find one that respects EU regulations and isn't just repackaged GNU mailman. :D 16:05
What's interesting about self-hosting is that a lot of venerable email software is perl. Mailing list software in Raku could be a "killer app" 16:06
[Coke] Dogfooding is nice, but. 16:07
coleman Exactly.
We don't need to make any moves right now, though. 16:08
[Coke] As with many things, I'm happy to use the p5 stuff and think of it as semi-dogfooding.
Right now, the closest thing we have is github discussions for long form convos, which I'm OK with. 16:09
Geth doc-website/main: dc4c2f34f8 | (Richard Hainsworth)++ (committed using GitHub Web editor) | META6.json
bump Collection version cf issue #236 (#237)

v0.4.6 contains reporting of the source being processed when a error occurs.
coleman If we wanted to try another free thing, we could create a SourceHut mailing list. That's a "proper" mailing list and the company is based out of Amsterdam, I believe. 16:12
Worth a look. Not ideal, though. 16:13
I gotta go back to dayjob. Adios.
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