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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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lizmat synthetics issue fixed, down to 3 08:45
the remaining three all break on the same (known) issue, namely that somehow the internals of an =begin code / =end code block are actually interpreted as if pod 09:26
when it should be handled verbatim
this is a grammar issue, and I have not been able to fix that yet
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lizmat a temporary solution: deparsing the inside of the =begin code / =end code in podifying, is syntactically and semantically correct 09:27
but not the same as the original generally (byte for byte)
e.g. =for foo is deparsed as =begin foo / =end foo
as there is no functional difference between =for foo and =begin foo / =end foo: the =for just makes it easier to indicate the end (first empty line) 09:28
first: the weekly 09:30
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