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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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[Coke] Util: ... I am not really pushing these calls, and I think everyone has realized how bad I am about it. 00:43
I owe everyone a round. 00:44
for work, I do a thing where if there's no agenda, we skip the call. I suspect a similar thing will work here, and in future, if you had that agenda item, it wuold have triggered the call. 00:45
Util: pick a weekend time that works for you and let me know and that'll be the next one
also can we get a bot in here that yells at me about the meeting? 00:46
also: what's the raku study group? 00:48
oh, i thought was also today! 00:49
ok, I will try to attend that!
Geth doc-website/redistribute_content_new_navigation: cecbba62f9 | finanalyst++ | Website/plugins/page-styling/page-styling.raku
as per review
Util Coke: (and anyone in-channel) Study Group announcement: 14:54
Today :
Overall :
Starts 2:30 Central, lasts 3-4 hours. Casual unannounced drop-in attendance is fine at any time in that window! 14:56
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rewrite deprecated-urls to working alternatives

  - The README.rakudoc is amended and converted to .md describing where deprecated urls are stored
  - The Caddyfile is changed so that the mapping in `plugins/raku-doc-setup/deprecated-urls` are incorporated when the fileserver gets a deprecated url
  - The cro-app plugin is amended so that if doc-website is run locally by a developer, it will do the remapping done by Caddy
  - The plugin `plugins/raku-doc-setup` is amended so that it transfers `deprecated-urls` to the `rendered_html/assets` directory. This approach is chosen so that if `rendered_assets/` is changed in the config, deprecated-urls will still be correctly transfered.
  - The config file `02-plugins` is altered to call `raku-doc-setup` at the transfer milestone
[Coke] util: so this isn't the study group that is happening at 1pm pacific time? 19:45
(there are two raku study groups on the same day!?) 19:46
... ok, no it *is* 1pm pacific (so why 2:30 central!?) 19:47
... ok, meeting has not started yet, so guessing it's 3pm central. 19:49
also confusingly, the link on meeting was for friday!? 19:53
Util Yes, 3PM Central. I think someone misakenly dragged the item in my Google schedule by a half-hour. 20:18
[Coke] whoopsie 20:26
Util: OK, I lied, I am not going to check these in, because they point to our devops person's personal container. 22:11
in the cloud, this is the stuff: read
Locally, if I want to run with a check of the caddy file, I have: 22:12
docker run -v $PWD/Caddyfile:/etc/caddy/Caddyfile -p8080:80
But you can do that without the file mapping to get the default.
I *think* that is running with the local info of the doc site. if it's not, we'll need updated instructions from richard & coleman.