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Set by [Coke] on 23 May 2022.
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coleman This isn't okay 17:43
"I will do this", "I will do that"
This is premature abstraction for use cases that haven't come up yet 17:44
It makes the project hard to contribute too 17:45
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Geth doc-website/replace_search: 9a225c087f | finanalyst++ | 2 files
keyboard shortcut for search to `Alt-F`

This is in line with the plan to set shortcuts to all Alt-xx form Shortcuts will be removed by another option In the future all shortcuts will be configurable
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NemokoschKiwi Ha, I think this issue is also premature. It's not like there is a whole crowd of people waiting to contribute, and basically it has been known from the very start that this site (very much like Oleksandr's site) is someone's individual effort to get to a working site. 22:41
I could get around when I did want to tackle something, and even if the exposure isn't as good as it was with JJ Merelo, Richard is still very much among the few people who are actually willing to explain how something works. I can't see how it helps if we tell this single person "do _something_ about the architecture", without even setting a clear 22:45
path or goal
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