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Set by lizmat on 27 September 2022.
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equinox hi, is there a way i can say "look what extensions you were looking for but *also* look at this extension" 10:36
i sometimes look for IPYNB files for something, but can't help feeling if what i look for could be in some other extension-having files as well :\) 10:37
lizmat --extensions=foo,bar? 10:39
what is IPYNB ? maybe we should a group for that ?
equinox so after that, i run it by default extension setting as well
IPYNB is for IPython notebooks 10:40
.ipynb is the extension
goes with Python group
but the thing is
i'd like to see *all* possible extensions it used to look, *plus* this one :\)
little obsessive there
maybe something like --extensions=*,ipynb? 10:41
lizmat aaah,,,, ok, so --known-extensions + yours
equinox indeed
lizmat I've just added ipynb to the python group (in the next release)
equinox ty
lizmat I like the idea of * there
Geth App-Rak/main: 2fb448f887 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files
Add .ipynb as additional extension in the #python group
App-Rak/main: 6b4c0161f4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 5 files
Add * as a way to indicate all known --extensions
lizmat equinox: actually, with these changes, the --known-extensions has just become a long way to say --extensions='*'
maybe --known-extensions should be dropped as an opton
*option 10:54
equinox oh, thanks a lot for the implementation 10:58
i'm a little bit confused for --known-extensions...
so if i don't specify anything extentions-related, it looks for known extensions only right? 10:59
so to look for every single file, what would you do?
regardless of extension
oh, i need to --/known-extensions? 11:00
oh there's `--file` 11:03
confused again: both `--known-extensions` and `--file=True` seem to be default. But latter's documentation says "all files should be included" and the former, well, only known extensions. 11:04
lizmat % rak foo --file --known-extensions 11:09
Cannot specify --known-extensions with --file.
known extensions *used* to be the default... --is-text is now, if there is no specific filesystem specification 11:10
equinox so nice 11:11
(i did try --file option but hit a stub code, realized using an old version, upgrading... thanks for these) 11:12
lizmat you're welcome... keep those ideas coming :-)
meanwhile I've decided to remove --known-options
--known-extensions I mean
equinox 👍👍 11:16
Geth App-Rak/main: b084bdcbed | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 6 files
Remove --known-extensions in favour of --extensions=*
equinox so i'm getting a compile time error in testing "rak" when installing but it's to do with "zef" i think... not sure 11:44
path-utils' 0.0.13 versus 0.0.11 seems to be causing some issues
Git::Files needs 0.0.11, rak needs 0.0.13
which is fine i guess
`path-is-text` is introduced after 0.0.11, and fails "rak" to pass the test 11:45
i guess i can force the tests...
would you say this is indeed related to "zef" or something else?
lizmat what was the command you issued? zef install App::Rak ? 11:46
equinox BTW i typed "zef upgrade App::Rak"
lizmat ok
equinox then tried uninstalling & reinstalling
same error.
on Ubuntu and Windows both
lizmat hmmm... can't repro that :-( 11:49
lemme just see if I can get the pinned versions all in sync
Geth rak/main: 925eb37eff | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
App-Rak/main: 0a6d680da4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 4 files
lizmat equinox: could you try again in a minute or so?
equinox of course!! thanks a lot 11:59
lizmat I'll be afk for a few hours& 12:00
argh... I screwed up 12:01
Geth rak/main: 391421657f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
App-Rak/main: e026016dad | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 3 files
lizmat equinox: you probably want to do a "zef update" before trying again 12:09
really afk&
equinox \o/ error vanished, thanks a lot and sorry if it caused inconveniences along the way 12:39
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Nemokosch Hello hello 13:56
What argument should I specify if I want to use rak as a simple grep on its STDIN? 13:57
If I don't specify anything, it works however it throws warnings (for $source-for being unspecified)
lizmat interesting... it shouldn't do that 14:21
Geth App-Rak/main: 2fa92c7d0a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | lib/App/Rak.rakumod
Fix warning if reading from STDIN

Spotted by Márton Polgár
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Geth App-Rak/main: 728583e07e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 5 files
Introduce the $*_ dynamic variable inside { } patterns

And remove the undocumented support for '-> $ }' patterns
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Geth App-Rak/main: e9fc638c4e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 7 files
Add support for JSON paths

Either with --type=json-path pathspec or jp:pathspec
App-Rak/main: 2719203650 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | Changes
App-Rak-Complete/main: 72d930a66b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | 2 files