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Xliff Is there a way to convert a CArray[uint8] to a Buf[uint8] where they share the same memory? 00:27
m: use NativeCall; my $b = CArray[uint8].new(1, 2, 3, 4, 5); say $b[^5]; my $bb = Buf[uint8].new($b); $bb[0] = 9; say $b[^5]; 00:28
evalable6 (1 2 3 4 5)
(1 2 3 4 5)
Xliff m: use NativeCall; my $b = CArray[uint8].new(1, 2, 3, 4, 5); say $b[^5]; my $bb := nativecast(Buf[uint8], $b); $bb[0] = 9; say $b[^5];
evalable6 (exit code 1) (1 2 3 4 5)
Internal error: unhandled target type
in sub nativecast at /tm…
Xliff, Full output: gist.github.com/0bd842bd0389a2010b...a270334ecd
Xliff :(
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Geth_ doc: d41ea22d13 | (JJ Merelo)++ | 141 files
Changes occurrences of "Perl 6" to Raku

This is just a *naming* change, which only affects when we refer at the language itself, refs #3054.
Will be closed when revised. Please note that from now on this will only be released to the new raku-named domains.
Also adds mini-script to perform the change.
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ZzZombo So there is Raku Discord server, isn't there not? 06:43
tyil ZzZombo: yes 06:51
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ZzZombo tyil: got a link? 08:37
tyil discord.gg/gg2a3T6
the main channel is also bridged to #perl6 on Freenode
ZzZombo Thanks a lot! 08:38
tyil and since Discord is generally very harmful, I would urge you to just use IRC
but it's up to you in the end
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tejr Please do not use Discord 09:38
Altreus I will continue to use Discord despite that message 09:40
tejr You make me sad 09:42
Altreus Nevertheless 09:45
It's where everyone is
tyil not everyone, though 09:46
not me and tejr
and regardless of it being "where everyone is", it's still harmful
Altreus If I were avoiding things because they were in some way harmful, I'd do nothing
tyil do you also say "pollution is OK since everyone is doing it anyway"
ZzZombo What do you mean by that?
Altreus No, I say pollution is unavoidable based on our current technology 09:47
Or would you have me not work, because cars are harmful?
tyil you don't have to throw instant strawmans if you want to have a sane discussion
but by your logic, pollution is OK and we shouldn't try to avoid it, because it's what everyone else is doing 09:48
even though it's harmful, we don't need to care about it, since it's so popular
Altreus You can't tell me not to use straw men and then use a straw man
tyil Discord is popular, therefore it's OK to use it, even though it's harmful
lizmat .oO ( can we not discuss pottery instead )
Altreus You can't tell me what I said, and then get upset about what you told me I said 09:49
I said I'm not interested in whatever problem you have with Discord
tyil there's no need to try and discuss something with someone hellbent on harming themselves because it's popular, indeed
enjoy yourself
Altreus I didn't say there isn't a problem and I certainly didn't say *you* shouldn't care
I shall, thank you
I also use google! 09:50
But I don't buy from Nestlé
And I bought the most efficient car I could afford
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jjatria In other news, a colleague at work is building this: play-perl6.org/ 10:36
lizmat jjatria: nice 10:37
jjatria Which has a command line interface: `echo say 1 + 2 | curl -Ld@- play-perl6.org`
I think he's preparing a talk about it for LPW
And btw: play-raku.org/ also works :D 10:38
tejr My attempts to destroy it so far have failed 10:43
Might lock to lock busybox down to only allow a few commands tho 10:44
*Might like
e.g. say shell 'busybox uname -a' works
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jjatria I'm not sure what commands are available, but I'm guessing he's already gone through some of that at least 10:49
tejr Yeah 10:50
jjatria eg. the other day he was blocking some syscalls
tejr I was satisfied he hadn't been lazy when I saw near-empty bindirs and a read-only FS
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tyil jjatria: that's p cool 11:13
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AlexDaniel . 11:37
tellable6 2019-10-15T06:23:11Z #perl6 <jmerelo> AlexDaniel Geth seems to be down...
AlexDaniel Altreus: there are a bunch of people using Matrix nowadays 11:38
AlexDaniel` Altreus: notice how messages from Matrix don't come through a bot… 11:39
and if I understand correctly, the interface in Riot looks very discord-y 11:40
so no, there's an ok alternative, you wouldn't do nothing 11:41
Altreus as the main author of API::Discord (albeit very pressed for time and stuck on a Cro issue) I can honestly say I'm not interested 11:44
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AlexDaniel` you should feel free to use whatever you want, I don't mind. I even merged support for bridged messages in whateverable. Just don't say that it's where everyone is, at least on our channels the amount of traffic from matrix and discord seems to be about equal. 11:55
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Altreus oh 13:05
I mean
When other people say "everyone" to me I assume them to be talking about their social circles
not literally everyone, unless established 13:06
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uzl[m] o/ 14:10
I assume since path-to-raku was merged, eveything mentioned there is agreed upon (for instance, extensions) 14:11
lizmat that's the idea, yes... 14:14
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uzl OK. This is related with the change from instances of Perl 6 (perl6, Perl 6, PERL6LIB, etc.) to Raku (raku, Raku, RAKULIB, etc.) in the documentation. 14:25
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Geth doc: uzluisf++ created pull request #3056:
Replace instances of Perl 6 with Raku and more
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AlexDaniel uzl[m]: even path to raku doc says not to change the extensions yet 15:12
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lizmat indeed... we need to have at least one Rakudo Star out supporting the new extensions before we can consider making changes to the ecosystem 15:38
probably would need to wait until major distributions have upgraded to a version of Rakudo that supports the new extensions
tyil that may take a while, but it's better than having broken modules for a group of people 15:47
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scimon Neat. 15:51
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jmerelo hey 16:02
tyil hi
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jmerelo .tell uzl changes are agreed, but not yet deployed. Documentation should reflect what's already there. 16:03
tellable6 jmerelo, I'll pass your message to uzl
jmerelo AlexDaniel: moved! 16:08
AlexDaniel \o/
jmerelo As long as we have a new name now... Should we create an "official" blog? 16:10
AlexDaniel jmerelo: well, there's twitter and other stuff, and none of it seems to be working great 16:11
jmerelo: a blog on raku.org/blog would be nice though
.oO( the-word-of-raku.blog )
Geth whateverable: 2badfc01f4 | (Aleks-Daniel Jakimenko-Aleksejev)++ | xbin/Releasable.p6
Remove support for RT

R6 is down anyway and all tickets from RT will be transferred to github soon.
jmerelo AlexDaniel: we could make it Hugo or Jekyll based with a repo support,
AlexDaniel japhb: ↑ fixed! thanks
jmerelo Anyway, if you need help there just let me know. Maybe the proper way to proceed is to open a ticket in problem-solving and have someone pick it up?
AlexDaniel jmerelo: yep, sounds like a good idea 16:14
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to AlexDaniel Issue Open a blog github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/115 16:19
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jmerelo Just copied the StackOverflow Perl 6 tag info to the Raku tag stackoverflow.com/tags/raku/info I don't have wiki edit privs, however, someone else will have to approve that. 16:44
I'll edit it as soon as changes start to appear. For the time being, just the (temporary) rakudocs page. 16:45
Grinnz aliasing raku and perl6 on SO was explored before, and should be a simpler solution there 16:46
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Grinnz so everything doesn't need to be retagged 16:47
jmerelo Grinnz: while we do that (and I have no idea how) the Raku tag was empty and needs some info. If it's eventually wiped out, no big deal. Meanwhile, there's something there to chew on.
Grinnz I don't know either, i think someone with sufficient karma has to do it 16:48
reputation, or whatever it's called :P
lizmat and the last Perl 6 Weekly hits the Net: p6weekly.wordpress.com/2019/10/15/...wineskins/
jmerelo Here's the way to rename a tag meta.stackexchange.com/questions/8...name-a-tag 16:49
Grinnz probably an alias is better first, so perl6 searches still work 16:50
maybe it's called a synonym? don't remember
jmerelo Grinnz: I just tried that. "Version specific synonyms can only be created by moderators" 16:51
Grinnz ahh yes the appearance of version was a problem there
jmerelo Grinnz: another problem to be solved by renaming...
Grinnz i guess it should be requested of the moderators
it's an extraordinary case after all ;)
jmerelo Grinnz: I can't propose in the other direction, also, "Can't create synonym; the 'perl6' tag appears more than 1.25 times the 'raku' tag" 16:55
Grinnz weird 16:56
jmerelo I'm not sure we want either renaming or synonims. We need to convince a moderator to do that, and then the perl6 tag will disappear. 16:57
lizmat I think current "perl6" issues should *also* get the "raku" tag
jmerelo It's probably much better to just stop tagging questions with Perl6 from now on... There are not so many, and I _do_ have privs to manually delete tags or add new ones
lizmat that would at least to me, be more historically correct
Grinnz not sure what you mean by that. a synonym would mean it would not be visible, but it would be searchable
jmerelo lizmat: I guess we'll have to learn how to use the API 16:58
Grinnz and someone tagging perl6 would automatically tag raku, as i understand it
lizmat a nice opportunity for a module :-)
Grinnz just seemed easier to me, but it's up to you of course 16:59
jmerelo lizmat: that, too... 17:04
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Geth doc: 6e97d35889 | (JJ Merelo)++ | template/header.html
Changes occurrences of "Perl 6" to Raku refs #3054.
jmerelo Has anyone seen this? aws.amazon.com/es/blogs/opensource...-projects/ 17:37
Geth ¦ problem-solving: JJ assigned to AlexDaniel Issue Apply for AWS credit github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/116 17:39
Grinnz this is neat. they sponsored TPC and i want to use their api once i rewrite my weatherbot twitter.com/OpenCageData/status/11...4179150848 17:46
Geth ¦ problem-solving: AlexDaniel self-unassigned Apply for AWS credit github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/116 17:48
¦ problem-solving: AlexDaniel assigned to rba Issue Apply for AWS credit github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/116
Grinnz lizmat: "An Official Statement by perlbuzz." tweet link is broken 17:51
also wow, the timing of this with python 3.8 release 17:55
lizmat Grinnz++ # fixed 18:27
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jdv79 hola y'all 18:30
lizmat++ # weekly 18:32
jmerelo jdv79: hola, ¿cómo estás?
jdv79 bien, gracias! 18:35
jmerelo jdv79: :-) 18:36
jdv79 that's about all i remember from spanish class... ~2 decades ago
jmerelo jdv79: pretty good as a starter... 18:37
We're almost there with the transition from "Perl 6 documentation" to "Raku documentation"... Just the strings, for the time being rakudocs.github.io/type.html 18:38
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jdv79 neato 18:47
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ozzy Hi all 19:09
I'm having a problem publishing my first module...
I requested a CPAN account (via PAUSE), but I'm not receiving any response to request. 19:10
At the same time p6c is experiencing issues with the distribution of META.list updates 19:11
Anybody a clue about how to render the module available via/to, for instance, zef? 19:12
jdv79 iirc pause accts take a bit of time to get approved 19:14
what is this issue iwht META.list you speak of?
ozzy The issue has recently been added to the issue tracker: github.com/perl6/ecosystem/issues/468 19:15
My first pause request was made on the 6th, almost 10 days ago. 19:17
It's not that I'm in a hurry :-)
Grinnz it's unfortunately a manual process and has been known to get stuck for weeks at a time lately 19:18
you can try poking mst
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jdv79 ozzy: to clarify - i believe Grinnz is talking about pause setup. ugexe is likely the one you want to talk to about p6c. 19:20
i pinged ugexe
Grinnz yes 19:21
ozzy ok - thanks. I was trying to figure out 'mst'
jdv79 mst is in #perl6, #perl, etc... just fyi
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Geth ¦ problem-solving: rba assigned to AlexDaniel Issue Creditcard for cloud services github.com/perl6/problem-solving/issues/117 19:38
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hankache Hello #raku!! 20:12
m: say "Hello Raku"
evalable6 Hello Raku
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